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RCM Apllication - Daniel
« on: 07, 04, 2021 »
Account Name:Angelo
Serial:When I'm in the game I put it ...
Rank for which I am applying: (RCM)
Why do you think you deserve this rank? Because I am supportive in the community and I already have the JCM so I have come to apply this time for RCM, why do I want it?  Because I want to be a staff is one of my goals and I have worked hard on it to earn it.
Tell us about yourselfI am daniell, everyone knows me in CIF since the cif beta I still have my mind on being a staff I am 16 years old I am from Venezuela I am currently in Guyana whose country is spoken in English and my way of speaking and writing English  It is 10/10 in the cif v2, everyone knew that I helped the new ones who were not Spanish, that's why I earned my support rank that I have been keeping for a long time ...
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