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New Group System
« on: 09, 04, 2020 »
Community Groups:

We know that all community groups have a sort of life, many of them don't even reach the end of it without dying or going inactive.
To get board when the gang should reach 4 months (criminal groups), 3 months (police groups), 2 months (civilian groups)

Semi Oficial Group
Once group got its car spawner with those standard cars listed in BVT, it can be considered as semi-official. I mean, officiality recommendations are restricted to semi-official groups only, in fact  they can be only 10+ months old groups. Consider that reaching this is already difficult due to requirements and due to moneywhores that leave group only to get more money.

* 2 months after group had its sub-board they can apply for a base
*  AFTER they achieve base, they can get healthmarker 3 months after they have had own base
*  Car spawner 5 months after they have had base

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