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Well I was thinking that the President needs an "assistant" someone who has the same characteristics? so to speak Well I was thinking that a (Vice President) is needed What would be his good job The president to Kill him gives you 500k the president ... He earned 20k every one minute he won, he also has the Job of the President and can '' accept / deny '' the suggestions here in the Forum that the Vice President would do ?? Good that you can do almost the same thing as the Half Money Matardo instead of 500k 250k that may also appear in the Job of the President but that you appear as "Vice President or Secretary" who can also accept / deny, comment on a suggestion in the forum and so they also activate the option to pay again, but instead of being 20k every 2 minute, be half, 10k every 2 with 30 segunds minute or every 3 minute, well that's my idea and I think it is good to implement it,or how I came telling you to be named "Vice President or the Secretary of the President" and have the characteristics I told I hope your Opinions friends thanks for reading
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Re: idea of the Vice President'' - O Secretary
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-1 Not needed.
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Re: idea of the Vice President'' - O Secretary
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It is not necessary, the current president is not doing his job and you want to add another position? for what? the current situation will be repeated. negative

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Re: idea of the Vice President'' - O Secretary
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This is no place to make suggestions anymore.
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