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Armed Forces - Recruitment Center
« on: 26, 03, 2020 »


Be a part of one of the greatest LAW groups of CIF, leave your mark in the server.

Join Us! Reasons? Well...

  • We keep all San Andreas safe - We fight against all crime !
  • Be a part of a proffesional law organization - We play in a respectful way!
  • Trainings - We do trainings everyday to improve our skills!
  • Enjoy being AF - AF members can take the exclusive job of AF!
  • We have base - Feel free to use the base and markers!
  • One of the oldest groups of CIF - We have experience and we are proud of that!

  • Must READ the rules of ArmedForces here.
  • No punishment within the last 14 days.
  • Must have 60 arrests.
  • Must have 120 hours of playtime.
  • Good behavior and English skills.
  • Shouldn't be in Armed Forces blacklist.
  • Don't double post your application or copy answers.
  • You may only apply once every seven days.
  • Must not have applied for any group for seven days.
  • Must have read the the rules.
  • Do not ask AF members to check your application.
  • Removing your application will result in getting blacklist.
  • Review your application and double check it before submitting.
  • You must mention the reason(s) for leaving your previous groups.

Remember to reply this post and answer after the  "/b]"
Code: [Select]

[center][img width=300 height=300][/img]
[color=green][font=andale mono][b]ARMED FORCES ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT[/b]
Commerce, Los Santos, San Andreas[/font][/color][/center]
[hr][b][size=14pt][color=green]Application form in order to join Armed Forces of CIF.[/color][/size][/b][hr]
[b][color=green]Account Information[/color][/b]

[b] In-game name:[/b]
[b] Account:[/b]
[b] Serial:[/b]
[b] Stats:[/b] link
[b] History:[/b] link
[b] Punishlog:[/b] link

[/td][td][color=green]                              [/color][/td][td]
[b][color=green]Personal Information[/color][/b]

[b] Age:[/b]
[b] Sex:[/b]
[b] Nationality:[/b]
[b] Timezone:[/b]
[b] English skills:[/b]
[b][color=green]Personal Qualifications and History[/color][/b]
[i][size=8pt]Be as honest and detailed as possible.[/size][/i]

[b] Previous group(s) and reason(s) for why you left/were kicked:[/b]

[b] Reason(s) of choosing this agency over other agencies, why are you interested in joining the Armed Forces?:[/b]

[b][color=green]Action-Response Questions[/color][/b]
[i][size=8pt]How would you act in case you faced the following situations:[/size][/i]

[b] Noticed a group-mate participating in criminal activities:[/b]

[b] An intruder entered the base without permission:[/b]

[b] A criminal kills you then flames you in local chat or sms:[/b]

[b] Found an exploitable bug to farm arrest points:[/b]


[b] I agree that I have read all the rules, and to be punished accordingly if I happen to disobey any of these rules at any given time:[/b]

[b] I'm fully aware that lying in my application or copying answers will get me denied and possibly blacklisted:[/b]

[b] Loyalty is of paramount importance to the Armed Forces. Will you be loyal to this group, and will you accept the full range of consequences that will arrive in case you aren't?:[/b]

[b] Do you want to share anything else?:[/b]
[right]Addressed to Commerce, Los Santos, San Andreas.
Armed Forces Recruitment Department.[/right]

Make LAW Great Now!

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PuPiZe, Founder of Armed Forces
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