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Armed Forces - Roster & Ranks
« on: 26, 03, 2020 »

Armed Forces Academy  (RCT - CPL)
Only the best officers may call themselves Armed Forces Members. That's why new recruits have to pass Armed Forces Academy to show that they're worth wearing the honorable AF tag. The Academy consists of five ranks; these include the Corporal rank.




Armed Forces Trusted Officers  (SGT - 1LT)
Armed Forces Trusted Officers have proven that they are worthy of wearing the honorable AF tag. Trusted Officers train the officers who are in the AF Academy program and work hard to improve the law side. Trusted Officers should act and behave like professionals, as they are an example for the officers who are still in the AF Academy.


Armed Forces Deputies  (CPT - COL)
Armed Forces Deputies help the AF Leaders to lead the ArmedForces. Deputies are a part of the AF Staff team and take care of the Armed Forces Academy and Trusted Officers.


Armed Forces Leaders (FG - MGL)
Armed Forces leaders lead the Armed Forces and can be considered as Staff. Leaders support the AF Head Staff assigning new deputies as well as recruiting new officers.


Armed Forces Founder (GNR)
Armed Forces Founders manage the Armed Forces and its divisions. Founder members also lead the Armed Forces leaders and make sure that the team is taking every effort to safeguard optimal quality.


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