Author Topic: Objects to Add / LAW and Presidential Issues  (Read 71 times)

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I come to bring this Topic on this page, because I think it should be put here since it is a LAW issue and as the Title "Presidential" says with the Presidential Campaign ...
I come to bring you some photos of places where I think that some markets are needed for vehicles for the use of LAW equipment and also for the President.
Well the first place is this here in the police station, LS - Court House I think that here you need a Police Helicopter Market, so LAW Members, whether they belong to a Group or only have the Job, can transfer by Helicopter.
(Roof entrance to police station)
And this is where I think the Helicopter Market should be
(Where should Heli's Market be)
And here the entrance to LS - Court House? presidential house, here I think there should be a market to go up to the roof
(Here where they should put the market to go up to the ceiling.)
And lastly here I think they should put a Market for Helicopters and Planes, for the President to put this I think it would be good for the President to be able to move .. with his "bodyguards" Color ../ Black
(Here the Market of Heli for the President?)
Thanks for reading, I think this should be added.
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