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Some users gave a good '' idea '' today (22/3/20) an idea that I come to share now, how about
how about implementing a Mini events system? I mean like BlackJack, Pool, or some of those?
Let me explain: It would be nice if they put a system like this where a player can play with another BlackJack / Cards or also Play Pool .. but how would it be? I think it would be nice if it were like the "Duels" system when using an example command: /playcards or /gocards and that it is like the Duels one, that there will be a panel where a player can send him a Game Request to another and to be able to bet the money, that they want and the game begins etc .. or also putting that option in the CIFphone, that is the idea I had
Thank you for reading...  ;)
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Re: Idea of Mini events / BlackJack etc...
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It won't be harmful by having more fun in CIF. Thus, I am upvotin.
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