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Account Name: Anthony.Banderas
Serial: C191D0F2402316A258E83588846EA483
Rank for which I am applying: Junior Community Member (JCM)
Why do you think you deserve this rank? Well I have never received a punishment in the Forum, I always try to put Good suggestions, good comments to the other players I always try to help and ago ... both in the Forum and in the game, in the Sometimes Aug forum [GUIDES] of jobs to help new players who enter CIF so that they know what the sv is going to learn how to work and I will continue like this I like to help the truth always and been a player Well, that helps that is Respectable, that does not publish absurd things, which is active both in the forum and in the game I come with a happiness of being able to apply for Junior Community Member since a few weeks ago I wanted to do it but did not have all the requirements to do so. so I started to get active in the forum with the Guides! also giving suggestions responding to the post of the other players Well I think I have nothing more to say and I will continue like this and I will try to improve my suggestions and put better content etc ... Thank you for reading my Publication and I swear I do not copy any someone else since I don't like that. Everything I say I say with my own words. Thank you and hopefully you can give me the opportunity to achieve the rank of JCM so I can continue with my goals ... Future :) and yes I agree if I don't get accepted. and I will try to improve my Post's
Tell us about yourself My name is Jean Anthony, I am a boy of 13 who likes to have fun, help, be good vibes and I always come to CIF because as I have been explaining to have fun to have a good time .. to meet new people and always try to please everyone Players. Thank you for reading :)
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Re: Junior Community Member application - AnthonyGM
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I will give you a chance, but just for your effort, try to improve your post and not just try to farm post, help the community, ACCEPTED.