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About CIF
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
CIF CnR/MW/RP is a server with multiple 'game modes' running along side each
other. You are free to go around all of San Andreas and change what gamemode
you're playing by going to another city at any time.

CnR - Cops and Robbers
Los Santos is the home of the CnR gamemode. Law enforcement fight crime all
like playing as police or criminal. This is the most popular and developed
gamemode of the server.

MW - Mafia Wars
Las Venturas is the home of the MW gamemode. War between various gangs for
control of the city are constant thing. Pick this gamemode if you like team
deathmatching and constant violence.

Note: Mafia Wars is not a very well developed gamemode so to play mafia wars
you must move to Las Venturas from another city.

RP - Role Play
This is not a proper RP server we only have basic things for people who to "RP"
like civilian jobs and a basic business system, then again "proper RP" doesn't
require scripting, you make it up!
Old script memories: CIF Scripts