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Skins Shader [SHOP]
« on: 28, 12, 2019 »

Skins Shader
This system consists of a custom mask for any GTA character, we have 2 versions, personal shader masks and group shader masks, both versions aim to change the mask of a character, the difference that one is personal and the other group, these custom masks are only obtained by donation from PayPal, Bs.S or Argentine Pesos.

- Skin Shader personal: 12$
- Skin Shader group: 8$

NOTE: These custom textures must be in the original format of the GTA: SA masks, masks modified with DFF files will not be accepted since they affect other masks, in the same way, if you need help with this problem, you can contact a support and explain in detail what to do.

To purchase this product, you must make a donation to my personal PayPal and then send me an email with the payment information, including a screenshot and the number with the payment reference ID, then leave a message that says what product you want With detailed information.
Example of how I should say the message: Hello, here is the payment of a Personal Shader Vehicle for my account: Alejandro93 and here my email.

Paypal to donate:

Email to contact:

Example of Skins Shader
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