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CEM application - scarlxrd
« en: 28, 02, 2020 »
Account Name: scarlxrd
In-Game Name: scarlxrd
Hours in-game: 27
Time-Zone: GMT+1
Information about yourself: First of all thanks for giving me this opportunity to introduce my self. Well, I would like to say about myself that I am Amin as the name reflects that I am a trustable person. I am from the most famous holistic place that is in Tunisia. I am born and bought up in Gafsa, coming to my education qualification I'm pursuing B-Tech in computer science from MDU university. I'd completed my secondary & senior Secondary Education from CSBE board. I have completed my graduation in few next couple of months to go. In my stream BE biomedical engineering with my overall percentage is 74%. At Veltech institute. Coming to my family background, there are 4 members in my family including me. My father is a police officer and  my mother is a homemaker and my elder sister is studying. That's all about my family. Long term goal is would be settle in a good organization. Furthermore, my strength is I always maintained a positive attitude and a quick learner, Self-love. I love playing games, PS4 ones or even PC ones. I am playing fortnite / free fire and MTA nowadays, but as soon as possible I'll buy a PS5 * when it come to Tunisia * and I'll start a new project. I also, playing cricket, listening to music and watching adventure movies. In future, what I want to be? I'd like to be a computers mechanic, and now I pursuing Diploma in mechanical engineering from AJC bose polytechnic. Alright, thats all about me. Thanks for reading dudes!
Why do you want to be an Event Manager: I would like to join the Community Event Manager (CEM) team because I see there are a lot of players in-game who are needed to some fun, so, I'd like to get added so that I can keep the server clean and remove this boring and make the server a better place. You guys can trust me because I'm a mature and a skilled player. My English skills are stable and I'm way experienced in staff / CEM / others duties. I'll try my best to help you guys whenever you need me. And even to make alot of fun that the ppl will like it. And I promise I won't abuse/use such CEM commands that agaisnt the rules. I really love this server and I am trying a bit by bit to achieve my goals, I become known there lately due of my activity and I am known with my good reputation towards the admins and community players, I've never flamed a guy or something I am helping them everytime they need. And right now, I'd like to join the CEM team. Abusing such things won't help anymore, as I promised already that I won't do these shits. I know right that I must be active, seriously. And my plan nowadays is to make CIF the greatest server ever seen. I won't go inactive, even in school, thats mandatory. Well, thats all folks, hope you accept me. Enough writing.

The kindest regards,

- scarlxrd
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If you need help, then don't hesitate to SMS me.

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Re: CEM application - scarlxrd
« Respuesta #1 en: 28, 02, 2020 »
I'm upvoting , these reasons qualify my vote :

     - You helped me alot at inviting players to CIF
     - You are known as a mature guy
     - You are experienced at creating events cause you were helping me at

Good luck with other votes.

Sincerely , Hanns

Community Event Manager
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Python , java , lua and html developer
Contact me if you wanna any help at scripting.

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Re: CEM application - scarlxrd
« Respuesta #2 en: 28, 02, 2020 »
Good apply, ACCEPTED.