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JCM Application - scarlxrd
« on: 16, 02, 2020 »
Account Name: scarlxrd
Serial: 3EA1F4BE723A13249699E6DF0FD961A1
Rank for which I am applying: Junior Community Member
Why do you think you deserve this rank?: Well today, I'm applying for Junior Community Member because I've been part of this community for around 1 month right now.  and I performed my duty as CIF a helper with passion and honest, CIF opened my eyes to many other things I can serve our beloved community with, I started planning more suggestions to contribute to the community through alot of duties you can see that by reviewing my posts, and afterwards serving as a leader in an official group. I want to push further and help as much as I could which is what I plan on doing here and now, I start stick my self every where in the community and share my options every where to leave a good imprint about me, so I believe I might did some mistakes in the past but I used to fix them and improve my self every day. And since my last denial, 0 punishment given. I never lost hope.

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Re: JCM Application - scarlxrd
« Reply #1 on: 16, 02, 2020 »
- If you are denied, you must wait 2 weeks to apply again.
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