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The newbie's helper - scarlxrd
« on: 16, 02, 2020 »
Age: 17
Birth date: January 30, 2002
Language speak: Frensh, Arabic and English.
Country: Tunisia
Religion: Roman Catholic
Height: 5'9

CIF's Informations

In-game name: scarlxrd
Account name: scarlxrd
Serial: 3EA1F4BE723A13249699E6DF0FD961A1
Group: eXodus


I've started playing in CIF Since 2019. Before I'm playing in a internet cafe and when I've seen our neighbour playing an GTA online and that me and hanns got interested to play it, Hanns played first and after 1 month I also tried to play it as I see it is too fun and when I started to play in CIF Server our first job was Farmer, as it was the most profitable job that time and that time the competency begin as whoever can earn money fast and buy a NRG-500,  that time I'm the one who bought Jester first and the one who bought NRG-500 first was Hanns so I'm totally jealous with him also coz hes the one who bought NRG-500 first. Old moments was the best as before your goals is like to buy a jester or NRG-500 but now I already almost fulfill my goals here in the server, actually i'm a LV player as with my friends Hanns and my neighbour genius, suddenly transfer to law side because in LV it cost too much money as to ''Rocket launcher'' and ''Nades'' before and when I transfered to LS and start working as cops 1 time someone sms me and offered me to join SWATTeam I didn't accept his offer due to some misunderstand with leaders and also that was my bad. After that i've been in too many groups till i've gone into Gangsters teamchat and noticed eXodus members talking in teamchat with as cool and that time I applied to eXodus and got accepted by Herincho.

My Friends

Hanns  8)
Jasper ( enta e5er we7ed)  8) :-*

As well as I know, I haven't alot of friends as I am new to the server.
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Re: The newbie's helper - scarlxrd
« Reply #1 on: 20, 02, 2020 »
allahoma la 7asad 7esedni 3la NRG  ;D ;D ;D

Nice introduction my brother  :-*
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Re: The newbie's helper - scarlxrd
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hey bro I remain pro your story xd, I see that you dedicate yourself e,e  ;D
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Re: The newbie's helper - scarlxrd
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