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Map Updates
« on: 29, 01, 2020 »

You can report any thing related to map bugs here, for example adding/fix an issue.

Current Map Editors:


  • Saying any thing stupid here aren't allowed like reporting a bug have no related with map stuffs.
  • Screenshot are necessary.
  • All posts should be reported in the same topic of "Map Updates" one.
What can i suggest here?:

1. Map bugs
2. Any great idea for example Updating Turfs or any other place who actually are really need to get mapped.
3. Small glitch, for example there is interior on air or in a wrong place or any other object.


Code: [Select]
[b]Place destination do /getpos:[/b]
[b]Bug type or map improve?:[/b]
[b]Explain what should be added and how it will improve the place position (Only if their any thing should get mapped):[/b]
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Re: Map Updates
« Reply #1 on: 20, 03, 2020 »
I'd like to take cards on the matter, players could catch GTA's default map bugs, and I would eventually rebuild those objects with their collision file fixed.