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Group Features
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »

CIFLD Group Features

Any group leader has the desire and ability to grow their group, for that are the group benefits. You can get base, interiors, and things to add within these with just having a group board and meeting basic requirements, such as the constant activity of the group and its members. Only the leaders of a group can request anything listed below to prevent internal problems between group members.

Group Levels
L0. No requirements (No Benefits)
L1. Group +1 weeks old (Board + Title)
L2. Group +3 weeks old (Base + Interiors)
L3. Group +1 month old (Pickups)
L4. Staff approved (Car Spawner)
L5. Staff approved (Skin Shader)
L6. Staff approved (Group Job)

Group Title (Group L1+)
A title is a small message placed above the player?s head, to activate it you need to make use of the /custom_titles command (or by accessing the X menu). A custom group title costs 10,000,000$ (10 million), it is allowed to have a second additional title, but this will cost 15,000,000$ (15 million).

[color=#5c1717][b]CIFLD - Group Title Request[/b][/color]
[b]Group name with tags: [/b]
[b]Genre [size=8pt](crim/law/civ)[/size]: [/b]
[b]Group Title: [/b]
[b]Board Link: [/b]

Group Base (Group L2+)
This format allows you to request a base, depending on rules written in the Homepage topic. Adding a new base will cost $30,000,000 (30 million) ingame cash. Editing a base will cost you $15,000,000 (15 million) ingame cash, changing base location will be considered as if you requested a new base. Copy the format below, fill it with data to request a new base and open a topic in this board.

[color=#5c1717][b]CIFLD - Group Base Request[/b][/color]
[b]Group name with tags:[/b]
[b]Link to group board:[/b]
[b]Base Location Screenshot:[/b]
[b]SS of base in its location:[/b]
[b]Link to the basefile:[/b]
[b]Interior you'd like to have (IDs 1-28):[/b]
[b]RGB color of interior entrance marker:[/b]
[b]Coordinates of interior marker:[/b] (/getpos) (both in/out markers coordinates)

Group Pickups (Group L3+)
To be able to have some pickup (either health or armor) on your base, you must use the following format, in which you need to know the exact location of where the pickup will be placed (the /getpos command can be very useful for this). The cost to have any kind of pickup is $3,000,000 (3 million).

[color=#5c1717][b]CIFLD - Group Pickup Request[/b][/color]
[b]Group name with tags:[/b]
[b]Link to group board:[/b]
[b]Coordinates [size=8pt](/getpos)[/size]:[/b]

Group Spawners (Group L4+)
Groups may request any vehicle available in vehicle-shops except for aircrafts, helicopters, boats, and vehicles such as Rhino with a max number of 10.  You must put IDs of vehicles you request, find them here. Any spawners price is 5,000,000$ (5 million), each vehicle you request has an independent price: cars in 2,000,000$ (2 million), and bikes 1,000,000$ (1 million)

[color=#5c1717][b]CIFLD - Group Spawner Request[/b][/color]
[b]Group name, tags and genre:[/b]
[b]Link to group board:[/b]
[b]Cars you chose:[/b] (put Vehicle name and ID or request is invalid)
[b]Coordinates [size=8pt](/getpos)[/size]:[/b]
[b]RGB color of spawner marker:[/b]

Group Skin Shaders (Group L5+)
Groups can request up to TWO skin shader for 15,000,000$ (15 million) each if they have achieved L5. Every skin available in GTA can be shaded. Obviously to create a shader, you must know basics of game modding. There are plenty tutorials around net. Use the format below to request your upgrade.

[color=#5c1717][b]CIFLD - Group Skin Shader Request[/b][/color]
[b]Group name, tags and genre:[/b]
[b]Link to group board:[/b]
[b]Skin ID you chose:[/b]
[b]Shader image file:[/b]

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