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5 days inactive, and none handled it. @TheS3b@ as you're the moderator, pls handle this. Thanks

This topic has been moved to Tunisia Forum Board.

Topics For Deletion / Re: NEW MODERATOR: PuPiZe
« on: 14, 03, 2020 »
This is the board which you must to request a moderator in.
Feel free to read whole rules, and use the right format!

Job Guides / Re: Civilian Jobs Guides
« on: 13, 03, 2020 »

General Information
When you become a Lumberjack you will receive an assignment of trees which need to be cut down Go to the blip and then some small red square blip will appear. These small red blips represent trees that you have to cut. After you cutting down all the trees in a certain area you will earn some money.

Location(s): Blueberry in Red County.
Skin(s): ID 27
Vehicle(s): There is no vehicle, you will be able to walk with your legs.

Panel Information(s): To cut down a tree select your chainsaw and stand near the tree and press your attack button.
Job Rank(s) and Requirements:

L0 - Training - $6,000 per forest - 0 Trees
L1 - Junior Lumberjack - $7,200 per forest - 150 Trees
L2 - Senior Lumberjack - $8,400 per forest - 400 Trees
L3 - Assistant Specialist - $9,600 per forest - 900 Trees
L4 - Specialist - $10,080 per forest - 1,700 Trees
L5 - Professional Lumberjack - $11,200 per forest - 2,700 Trees
L6 - Expert Lumberjack - $12,320 per forest - 3,700 Trees
L7 - Chief Lumberjack - $13,440 per forest - 6,000 Trees
L8 - Elite Lumberjack - $14,560 per forest - 10,000 Trees
L9 - Executive Lumberjack - $15,399 per forest - 14,000 Trees
L10 - Lumber God - $16,200 per forest - 18,000 Trees

General Chat / Re: Chat Donator / Remove?
« on: 13, 03, 2020 »
Everyone who is a "Donator" has the right to write in the chat and if it doesn't seem right, you can deactivate chat donator and u you not can see the chat.  ;) ;)

Bad suggestion.
Ok sorry, I just wanted to report what was happening yesterday that afternoon and giving a `` suggestion '' I will try to improve the posts I publish. Thank you for reading...
This one solved? :)

Its even been inactive. Just to illustrate, this one gets solved I guess. Nevertheless, needs to be locked*

Ingame name: scarlxrd
Link to profile: Click on my screen.
Secondary group to be placed as your primary: Primary = Supporter, secondary = RCM.
Evidence(s) (if necessary):

exclusiVe / Re: exclusiVe - Free chat baby
« on: 13, 03, 2020 »
Hi noobs

Alright. I will.

Sorry, this suggestion been already reported. Nevertheless, thus needs to be locked. @Vince

Nevertheless, this been updated.

Just to illustrate, thanks!

Even the aesthetic absence seems bad within the script.

I think that's because CIF has some C / T textures like clothes or so they also say C / T, it's not a bug
in order to acquire such a bug. I am qualified to occupy this tag within the highest and most preeminent standards of the community by correctly acknowledging the server bugs and partaking regularly in public discussions. Nevertheless, this is an obvious written bug. No doubt.

Nice introduction bro!

Applications / SCM Application - scarlxrd
« on: 10, 03, 2020 »
Account name: scarlxrd
Serial: 3EA1F4BE723A13249699E6DF0FD961A1
The rank which I am applying for: Senior Community Member (SCM)
Why I think that I deserve this rank: The first reason 'why' I am applying for this community rank is that I meet each and every requirement needed in order to acquire such a position. Secondly, I am qualified to occupy this tag within the highest and most preeminent standards of the community by correctly acknowledging the server rules and partaking regularly in public discussions. Just to illustrate, I have the capacity to instill thoughtful opinions with the intention to maintain fluent, civilized and pleasant interactions with any community member. Thirdly, I desire to portray three green squares above my forum name because I have been part of this community for too long and I spent the vast majority of my journey here leading the eXodus. In other words, this is the very first time that forum activities have caught my attention considerably.
On the other hand, I like to develop coherent and constructive replies when I read topics that I feel harmony with. Thereupon, I prevent myself from posting irrelevant, redundant and senseless comments for the sake of increasing my total post count because such a feature does not represent a person itself. Finally, my application, by no means, disregards my strong criticism toward these community ranks that only fill an aesthetic absence within the server, but that indeed is just an opinion of mine. In conclusion and as I formerly stated, I meet the guidelines to the letter. Nevertheless, today, instead of making a classic application for posting 2 weeks in every major board, I would like to do a "request" of Senior Community Member rank for the contributions I have done to CIF throughout this 2 months.
In this server I held some duties like Guide (x2), Translator and Tunisia Forum Board moderator, and after a long inactivity period I am again holding Translator & Tunisia Forum Board moderator duties.
Most of my contributions to this server are directed to the CIF community as you can see, I am always trying to help answering any kind of doubts that people can have, I translate complaints and recovery requests to English language as fast as I can so Staffs can deal with them and I provide help in country and Tunisia chat whenever I have the chance to do it.
I also contributed to this server from my group, eXodus, where we always provide assistance to newbies and we introduce them to CIF and criminal side, which is very helpful to keep them playing the server and to learn how to play.
I hope you can consider my current contributions, like my constant help in support chat, my activity in forum, which is not so high but I believe it is good enough, and also having in mind my previous contributions that have been explained by Hanns and Thes3b here, thus I deserve holding this position. My last denial was "- Must have had RCM for at least 4 week." Well, I don't have it 4 weeks right now, but I guess I deserve holding SCM position as long as I helped this community too much. Thanks for reading!

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