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Applications / RCM Application - scarlxrd
« on: 04, 03, 2020 »
Ingame name: scarlxrd
Serial: 3EA1F4BE723A13249699E6DF0FD961A1
* The rank which I want to be: Regular Community Member (RCM)
* Description of myself: My name is Amin and my friends call me moh, I'm seventeen years old, I'm a Tunisian, I live in a small city in Tunisia. My family got 5 members not that big one so we're always quiet, I like eating fast food. I'm a student, I study in high school. I'm a social person, I prefer meeting new people to stay with one group or bunch of friends. My character is not complicated, I like working under stress, it motivates me. I'm patient, I barely get angry or mad. I'm a half routine guy, I sometimes must have a routine to follow and sometimes I don't. I'm not used to get help from anybody, I like to help, get experience and teach myself.
* Why do I deserve this rank: I've aimed at this position once I joined the JCM side. I was narrow minded at first. I thought it was something that makes me valuable or important but when I re-looked into it, I found out it's something that I must achieve and not just to suppose. I am not well experienced, I am pretty sure I will learn more and more once I be an RCM, I am teaching LUA codes for over 5 months and I am still not perfect, I know nobody is perfect but at least I want to have enough experience. By the way, I have been working in the field and leading some units since a long time ago, I don't really see anything hard or difficult in this but I want to have my next step forward which is holding such a duty, I really don't want to call it position because its a duty that I am supposed to keep performing it. I stay online for long time GMT thingy is not a barrier at all I log in almost the whole day so I will be performing my duty perfectly. I am really really helping newbies and I am doing my best to achieve my goals toward CIF. I am trying day by day to be more cool. Thats all anyways, thanks for reading

The kindest regards,


Other languages / Tunisia Forum Board.
« on: 04, 03, 2020 »
The language you want a board for: Arabic
The people you would like to have as moderators: @Hanns# @scarlxrd and @Jasper
Can it be a childboard of another board, if yes which?: Yes, a childboard, which it in the Arabic Forum Board.

I am sorry for double posting, but this been already 3 days inactive. Any staff can handle it? @TheS3b@ @Zelda or anyone else. Thanks!

L3. TaskForce / Re: TaskForce | Chat & Media
« on: 03, 03, 2020 »
Hello all :D :-\ :-*

Alright. This can be locked. Thanks Man.

Criminal Groups / Re: exclusiVe 2020
« on: 02, 03, 2020 »
Good luck man

When a CEM talk in the local chat when he's in the dimension warp it'll appear like

(LOC) scarlxrd#:[EM] Hi.

As well as I saw it now, its working fine. Sorry :) you can lock this.

Quality Assurance / /eventwarp isn't working.
« on: 01, 03, 2020 »
Bug Name: /eventwarp command.
Screenshot / video: I don't have, but when an event message appears, try to use /eventwarp.
Explain it (detailed): Make an event with more than 1 warps, and try to use /eventwarp, and you won't be able to join.

So, I'll make it simple: Adding that you can change whatever time you need via settings. Means, you can change to "11 - 12 - 13" and the default will be -1.

Furthermore, even /weather we didn't have. So, adding this won't be harmful anymore.

Quality Assurance / Re: Cem features
« on: 01, 03, 2020 »
I can script this
We won't waste developer's time nowadays as they've alot of works. Can you please script it, with pleasure.
Sure, i just need the access to CIFcem script let's see @Zelda 's input

I guess it isn't needed, just make a LUA code.

Quality Assurance / Re: Cem features
« on: 01, 03, 2020 »
I can script this
We won't waste developer's time nowadays as they've alot of works. Can you please script it, with pleasure.

Quality Assurance / Re: Cem features
« on: 01, 03, 2020 »
It'll take alot, did you've a LUA code or something for developers? As this script will take a lot of times for developers. If you don't, then we'll see high staffs if they're free to make this. I also upvoting.

Nice guide buddy !

Thanks my dude.

I'll PM you some informations
Check your PM !
You already sent. Thanks buddy!

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