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MW / Re: Idea of Mini events / BlackJack etc...
« on: 23, 03, 2020 »
It won't be harmful by having more fun in CIF. Thus, I am upvotin.

jasper l noob, ye5a tal3eb f free fire b l pc?

Good job, keep it up man!

This can be locked, as zelda confirmed this already.

@herincho lock this as requested.

All reported objects have already been rebuilt, let's wait for Zelda approval to add the models to the server.

@Zelda your comment is needed here.

General Chat / Re: Automatic drugs?
« on: 19, 03, 2020 »
The purpose of adding this script is to reorganize the drugs system. I am upvotin. But one thing, "/createautomaticdrugs" isn't too long? Atleast make it like "/cad"
Would be too much good.

Globally mute means a mute in whole chats right ? If so, thus this is an obvious bug.



1.1 Your in-game name: scarlxrd__
1.2 Account name: scarlxrd
1.3 Your level of understanding in English: 8/10
1.4 Serial: 3EA1F4BE723A13249699E6DF0FD961A1
1.6 Screenshot of your current Criminal "/stats" [LINK ONLY]:
1.7 Screenshot of his crimes "/allcrimes" [LINK ONLY]:

2.1 Your previous groups in this server, your rank in each group and the reason of leaving them: 7Legends = Deleted  / LynX = I am in it atm / eXodus = To join LynX as vacation. And now I am single.
2.2 Tell us more about your CIF life and being a criminal: Hello there, my journey in CIF started in 2019, September. I suddenly found CIF in my browser after a long research for full English servers as 90% of them were Spanish, Tunisia and other languages. I've got firstly attracted to LV and my very first group was eXodus. Having group mates was just the most incredible thing for me when I joined. But as always the bright side has also a dark one. They started forcing me to join activities, and turf in LV against my willingness. That highly disturbed my gameplay and I hated Las Venturas as a city and as a gameplay experience. So basically I started CIF as a criminal. My second group I joined were LynX, and then I found really kind and nice people. I was havin' great time robbing stores attending Armed Robberies with them, and I went full retard. Jealously came up when they started promoting people, I was really dumb. So due my behavior in 2019 I've deleted 7L group and started different journey in another groups. I tried to learn from my mistakes and tried to be kind as much as possible, and tried to "kill" the bad vibes from my past experience in SevenLegends, as I was young and stupid. So I have overcame my drawbacks and the behavior I had and got my very first community duty which was Country Supporter. Unfortunately due my country, and the lack of bulgarians in the server, also dozens of warnings for not helping country mates ( when there was none ), I was forced to resign the duty and keep walking my way to the biggest mistake, which I'm gonna share later on. So the second duty I've managed to achieve were Community Event Manager (CEM) due my activity as a civilian and the contributions as one. I managed to become one of the first Tutorials and Guides moderators and managers, which was a huuuuge pleasure for me to contribute in that way. Due to some real life issues I had to resign as a eXodus guy. So later on, I came back and managed to become a real trust worth person my achieving the role of CEM (Community Event Manager), I was .. really happy to perform that duty and spreading fairness was an amazing thing for me. So after few months I've decided to open my application to achieve Staff Membership. And woah my dream just came true. I'll try to become an L1 Staff after all this time in CIF, and I'd gladly say I achieved everything I ever wish in CIF. Alright the worst part .. One day, before I become a Staff Member, I was wondering how to script. I've managed to get some guidance by TheS3b about that, tho I failed to understand most of the things and basics. I noticed that I were so annoying to him, and noticed another scripter. His nickname is Zelda. I wanted to learn scripts and he promised to teach me. He took me in some private server and tried to teach me basics, tho I failed again to understand anything. So he had forum, same as CIF's and he was showing me how to adjust ranks. I feel dipped. HannS found this forum and noticed my name there, and that was the end of my career in CIF.
My criminal life suddenly started when I was more into the civilian life. Honestly, even while being a full civilian it was amazing pleasure to play as a criminal. All the activities and the team work is what attracted me into the criminal life. I have lot of criminal friends who have tried many times to convince me to switch the sides and they did it. I started visiting CEs more often, communicating with the criminals more often thru the team chat, and all that was giving me a good dose of pleasure.
2.3 How long have you been a criminal: I've been playing as criminal since the beginning of my journey in CIF, been thru many phases, as civilian and criminal. I've all the needed knowledge for all those weeks of experience in the side.
2.3 How long have you been a criminal: I actually said it above this question, I've been playing as criminal since the beginning of my journey in CIF, been thru many phases, as civilian and criminal. I've all the needed knowledge for all those weeks of experience in the side.

3.1 I agree to uphold all CIF rules: Yes, I agree.
3.2 Have you read all the rules and guidelines about being a Criminal Boss: Yes, I readed them all.
3.3 I agree not to play as cop at all and if I fail to do so, I agree for my rights of Criminal Boss to be revoked: Yes, I agree.
3.4 I agree that any kind of misuse of the tools that will be given to me will result in a removal and might come with an in-game ban: Yes, I agree.
3.5 I agree that the information I've presented on this application is valid and is fully written by me: Yes, I agree.
3.6 I agree to resign if I went inactive for long period and couldn't perform my duty on stable activity: Yes, I agree.

General Guides / Re: Handling Situations.
« on: 18, 03, 2020 »
Yes scarlxrd, good introduction bro I see that it has been a while since you put it on, sinsemente I did not see it but I would have already given you an opinion but good e, e
Oh, yah! Thanks man.-

@TheS3b@ please confirm, or lock. or do whatever thing you've to do. We have completed researching on this case. And this strategy formulation been closed as well as I am available. Thanks.

I am confirming this, as I tested it with scarlxrd.
Ok the truth, I regret not having investigated this matter thoroughly

We have investigated about this case too well. And we've proven by correctly acknowledging that its an obvious bug with no even one doubt.

General Guides / Re: Handling Situations.
« on: 18, 03, 2020 »
Nice guide! Keep it up!

Thanks dude.

The third reason is the reason that everyone has to take an action agaisnt it. So, I am totally upvoting.

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