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General Chat / Re: Turf spawn command
« on: 03, 03, 2020 »
Use /kill and turf spawn is disabled automatically.

Fixed, Thanks guys.

Quality Assurance / Re: Clothing store Bug
« on: 28, 02, 2020 »
It was fixed a few days ago.

Added. [member=28]ItzLoLcO[/member]

I just verified this, the player has two accounts, in one he has 2 houses and in the other 3.

There is no way to have more than 4 houses, and the maximum number of accounts per computer is 2. so there is nothing serious about this. You will have to wait 40 days to put them on sale automatically, so you can buy them.

Thanks for you report, locked.

[member=2]TheS3b@[/member] [member=17]Ximbas[/member] [member=13]Yeremi[/member] [member=9]BranD[/member]

Press F3 and then click on Quit job.

Thanks for your suggestion, locked.


Thanks for your suggestion.

General CIF Discussion / Re: adding t/mgd
« on: 17, 02, 2020 »
This suggestion lacks details, I do not use format to create it, for the next one it explains well what you want to suggest, I am not a fortune teller. locked.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Topics For Deletion / Re: adding t/mgd
« on: 17, 02, 2020 »
Good idea
Mgd is a point you can use at group like a check point on the map there can regroupe the members

Poll added, let's see if the community really wants it.

I will add it if it reaches 20 votes.

General CIF Discussion / Re: Virus
« on: 17, 02, 2020 »
Hello staffs!
Im here to tell you about a virus in the game
Its reduce -5 from the hp every 5 seconds maybe then I get killed, some peoples used to farm kills on me
Please remove it or fix it 🌹

The purpose is to give more life to the emergency services team.

Locked, Thanks for your suggestion.

Denied for obvious reasons, thanks for your suggestion.

General CIF Discussion / Re: Grenade
« on: 17, 02, 2020 »
The damages of the majority of the weapons are balanced, in any case we will verify with the mark the damage of the grenades and we will see the most convenient for the community.

He said it clearly.

Thanks for you suggestion.

General CIF Discussion / Re: business topic
« on: 17, 02, 2020 »
For now there are many boards and little activity, if you like to post it in General Chat, I have no problems with it. Locked.

Thanks for you suggestion.

It was already added but it was removed because it did not fulfill the purpose that was wanted in addition to being incompatible with our version, locked.


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