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Complaints / Re: Report Jeremias
« on: 27, 03, 2020 »
Manejemos esto en español

[member=691]Jeremias[/member] tienes que mutear a Matu tambien esta insultando sin frenos. que puedes comentar aca?

Accepted, do not stop being active in the forum or helping.

Sincerely: Zelda - Developer and founder of CIF.

Yo les perdone el mute  por  provocarse mutuamente Les advertí que pararan pero insististe en que mirara el J-Main pediste el mute para Mr.Poor y Claramente estaban provocando los 2 procedí a mutear

Cuando te di el mute reconectaste de esta  forma bugeaste el mute y evadiste
por lo que te procedi con el Ban

Hay que estar mas atentos a las provocaciones Angelo. y bueno responder a ofensas tampoco es la solucion, porque el problema de provocacion va a seguir, ahora cuando este en linea me contactas [member=952]Belascuen[/member] y te borro el punishlog.

The command is "dropbc" not "dropitem", aslo i have never seen you participate on the criminal side, nor on the server.

Complaints / Re: Report Herincho
« on: 24, 03, 2020 »
[member=29]herincho[/member] can say smoe about it.

General Chat / CIF presidential journal
« on: 24, 03, 2020 »

Presidential elections in CIF, in LSPD. apply if you have more than 50 hours, but vote for the most indicated, the winner with 50 votes will have the possibility to approve suggestions.

Also a roleplay system that allows the president to give 10k every 1 min to the policemen close to him. and criminals will earn 500k for murdering him.

The president earns 10k every minute.

General Chat / Re: Adding a Suggestion board.
« on: 24, 03, 2020 »
Re added.

Topics For Deletion / Weed Farm
« on: 23, 03, 2020 »

Para los que no entienden bien, les explico el sistema actual repite el mismo robo durante 1 hora antes de saltar al siguiente. cuando un robo finaliza tiene 60 segundos para repetirse, lo que el sugiere es que cuando termine un robo empiece el que sigue, osea MDM > PDR asi. en lugar de MDM 60 scs > MDM 60 scs hasta que termine la hora.

Nose como ustedes lo prefieran yo en lo personal me gusta como esta ahora (durante una hora para cada cambio).

Quality Assurance / Re: Kill camera / Bug!
« on: 15, 03, 2020 »
Bug Name: Kill Camera / Camara Seeing the sky when you die

Bug Information: Please try to fix this Bug, it is something annoying that you are playing quietly and they kill you or you kill you, and then you bugger the camera as if you were looking at the sky and you have to reconnect,
I know it doesn't seem very important but sometimes it is annoying that this happens to a Player ...

Bug Test Image:

This bug comes when I removed the anti spam kill from the turfing. fixed and added the spam kill again.

General Chat / Re: Chat Donator / Remove?
« on: 10, 03, 2020 »
Toggle it from /settings "Enable Donator Chat".

More than 10 days of inactivity. [member=1]Zelda[/member] or someone else, take an eye into here.

I will work on this, thanks.

Quality Assurance / Re: Cannot use /glue
« on: 08, 03, 2020 »
This is not a bug, only staff can use /glue on all vehicles except that all people can use this command to glue to a boat. [member=29]herincho[/member]

Exactly. It is a feature 2013.


Applications / Re: SCM Application - Hanns#
« on: 05, 03, 2020 »
Accepted. Thank you for your constant attempts to help.

Att: Zelda CIF founder.

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