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Punishment Appeals / Read before posting.
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »

Before you make an appeal check CIF Rules

This system was created to Appeal Punishments. If you think that you were unfairly punished, you can Appeal it all here and if it turns out to actually be unfair (which will be determined by us), we will mention that staff in-order to remove that unfair punishment, The purpose of this system is to clear/Appeal all doubs regarding rules and issued punishments. Since the Staff team has got many guidelines to follow when punishing a player, it hardly is unfair so it may be yourself who hasn't understood the rule completely. However, we're humans and mistakes can be made, so if a punishment was unfairly given, We will help you to get it removed not only ingame punishment we can handle forums/ingame ban too or any other type of unfair cases.


Code: [Select]
[b]Account name:[/b]
[b]Serial (F8 > Serial):[/b]
[b]Ingame Punish/Forum/Other, choose a section:[/b]
[b]What was the reason (rule you broke):[/b]
[b]Explain what happened:[/b]
[b]Why do you think it was unfair?:[/b]

Account Retrieval / Read before posting.
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »

Here you can recover your inaccessible account in game or request to be refund if you lost any items by server issue NOT SCAMMING ISSUE, but you must provide the required data correctly, if you lost your forum account use the manual recovery by mail, otherwise we can do nothing about it.

-Note: that the serial provided must be the same as the one used in the game.

You will be answered within a maximum period of 48 hours, otherwise send a message to any staff.


Code: [Select]
[b]Account Name:[/b]
[b]Explain what you lose and how:[/b]

Complaints / Read before posting.
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »


- You must post the full conversation / argument if the complaint is about flaming, trolling or similar.
- You must use a format otherwise your complaint will be locked.
- You must provide proof ( Pictures are prefered over logs, videos, MTA logs .. ) of what you are complaining about, any logs outside of CIF will lead your appeal to get into a lock because it's your mistake to do an deal on social media.
- You cannot post here if you are not one of the complained players or involved with the complaint in any way.
- '' Sorry for post... here but '' No, you will be instantly warned, as mentioned above.
- You cannot post senseless topics about how horrible a person is.
- You can't post "Forgot Password" complaints.
- You can't post Ban appeals
- You can't post complaints if people copy your profile picture.
- You can't post Punishment Appeals, if you think it was unfair and an actual mistake, contact the staff in question.
- You cannot post complaints where they called you '' Noob, nab or nib '' or similar as it's petty, trivial and minor.
- You can only report for FMSG complaints when people advertise other servers, for excessive insult/flame and racism.
- DO NOT edit or manipulate screenshots (hiding things with a black box, highlighting insults with red boxes, etc) or modify anything in logs (same as before) while making a complaint or else your complaint will be denied and you could face a punishment.


Code: [Select]
[b]Account Name:[/b]
[b]Reported player: [/b]
[b]Screenshot / video:[/b]

Quality Assurance / Read before posting.
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »

Current QA Team


Here you can publish bugs that you have found in the game & forum.


- Remember to put the name of the bug in the title.

- Exploits bugs should be reported to Malone/xZeerote in Private.

- Read carefully board topics before you report any bug incase some one already report it before you.


Code: [Select]
[b]Bug Name:[/b]
[b]Screenshot / video:[/b]
[b]Explain it (detailed):[/b]

General CIF Discussion / Resources and Features
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
Show content
0 = Main world
100 = Zombie Land
303 = Jail
900 - 903 = Criminal Events
904 = Criminal Factory
921 = Nuclear Event
325 - 334 = AFK
336 = Event Dimension
63 = PK Dimension
1000 - 10000 = Houses
860 = Hunger Games
861 = TDM
863 = Hydra Dog Fight
862 = FFA
864 = Duel Tournament
850 = Death Race
11000 - 12000 = Duels dimension
55000 - 59000 Paintball dimension
888 - Nascar

MTA Resources and Exports

Topics For Deletion / Police System Levels
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
Law ranks:

New Officer: You need to have 0 arrests to be a New Officer.
Constable: You need to have 5 arrests to be a Constable.
Sergeant: You need to have 50 arrests to be a Sergeant.
Inspector: You need to have 150 arrests to be an Inspector
Chief Inspector: You need to have 350 arrests to be a Chief Inspector
Superintendent: You need to have 550 arrests to be a Superintendent
Chief Superintendent: You need to have 800 arrests to be a Chief Superintendent
Assistant Chief Constable: You need to have 1050 arrests to be an Assistant Chief Constable
Deputy Chief Constable: You need to have 1350 arrests to be a Deputy Chief Constable
Chief Constable: You need to have 2200 arrests to be a Chief Constable

Law Codes:

Show content
10-0: Negative
10-1: Affirmative
10-2: Responding
10-3: Cancel
10-4: Roger
10-5: Copy that, confirm
10-9: Repeat last transmission, statement
10-11: Current location
10-00: Officer Down
10-20: Status
10-21: In position
10-22: Return to your vehicules
10-23: Hide your vehicles
10-24: Cover
10.25: Cover fire
10-26: Clear
10-27: Use caution, danger is ahead
10-28: In Pursuit
10-29: Aborting Pursuit
10-30: Suspect down/in custody
10-32 A: Pick up
10-32 B: Light back up
10-32 C: Heavy back up
10-32S: Request Airstrike
10-43: Requesting paramedics
10-90 Respond to base
10-97: Arrived on scene
11-55: On Duty
11-56: Off Duty
11-57: Patrolling The District
13-12: Assignment Complete
2000: Robbery
3000: Road block
4000: Bases


LS - Los Santos
LV - Las Venturas
SF - San Fierro

AP - Angel Pine
BB - Blueberry
BM - Bayside Marina
DM - Dillimore
EQ - El Quebrados
FC - Fort Carson
LB - Las Barrancas
LP - Las Pavasadas
MG - Montgomery
PC - Palomino Creek

Large places
BC - Bone Country
BE - The Big Ear
EC - El Castillo del Diablo
RC - Red Counry
SD - Sherman Dam
TR - Tierra Robada
VM - Verdant Meadows

A - Airport
B - Bank
GS - Gas Station
H - Hospital
JH - Jefferson Hospital
AH - All Saints Hospital
PD - Police Department

The News / About CIF
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
CIF CnR/MW/RP is a server with multiple 'game modes' running along side each
other. You are free to go around all of San Andreas and change what gamemode
you're playing by going to another city at any time.

CnR - Cops and Robbers
Los Santos is the home of the CnR gamemode. Law enforcement fight crime all
like playing as police or criminal. This is the most popular and developed
gamemode of the server.

MW - Mafia Wars
Las Venturas is the home of the MW gamemode. War between various gangs for
control of the city are constant thing. Pick this gamemode if you like team
deathmatching and constant violence.

Note: Mafia Wars is not a very well developed gamemode so to play mafia wars
you must move to Las Venturas from another city.

RP - Role Play
This is not a proper RP server we only have basic things for people who to "RP"
like civilian jobs and a basic business system, then again "proper RP" doesn't
require scripting, you make it up!

The News / CIF Staff, Supporters and Honourables
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
CO - Community Owner (Unlimited access and check that everyone staff does their job)
AM - Account Manager (Returns access to inaccessible accounts)
PM - Punishment Manager (Handles complaints, bans / punish from players)
GM - Group Manager (Responsible for managing the benefits for the groups)
ME - Map Editor (Make the bases of the groups)
EM - Event Manager (Do events for the server)
FM - Membership Manager (Give/Remove ranks to the community)

Staff Members

L5 (Head Staff)

L5. Zelda (CO)
L5. TheS3b@ (CO), (GM)

L4 (High Staff)

L3 (Trusted Staff)

L2 (Trained Staff)

L1 (New Staff)

L0 (Trial Staff)



The people who are on this list are constributors, helpers, developers, or people who made this project possible.

BranD: High contribution to staff team and main developer.

TheS3b@: High contribution to staff team and main developer.

Mistyc: Contributing to server with their presence and dedication.

Jackas: Constibutor on server support in bad times.

Ximbas: Contributing to server with their presence and dedication.

Green: Contributing to server with their presence and dedication.

Axelvu: Contributions to staff and community.

Wauh: Contributions to staff and community.

Gutierrez: Contributions to staff and community.

Trux: Contributing to server with their presence and dedication.

Eminen: Contributions to staff and community.

Yeremi: Contributions to staff and community.

4ever: Contributing to server with their presence and dedication.

Rami: Contributions to staff and community.

Nvreformat: Contributions in server development.

Gonzalo: Contributions in server development.

Harwood: Contributions in server development.

Black: Reporting a lot of big bugs.

Malone: Contributions to staff and community.

xZerote: Contributions to staff and community.

The News / How to donate with VIP bonus
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
Running CIF is expensive (we have a powerful dedicated server) so to pay the rent we have a VIP system for the server to encourage donations to pay for the server that they enjoy while getting special bonuses.

VIP status results in the following benefits:
Show content
  • Use /jetpack for transport only jet-pack (can't be used in LV, when wanted or when holding a prisoner)
  • Respawn with 100% armor
  • Have 200 HP maximum set permanently (It's like being on the God drug)
  • Extra 20% cash earned when doing work
  • Instant respawn at hospitals
  • Ability to recover your vehicles to your position and get the driver seat
  • Funny hats with /viphats (they now ave when you quit too)
  • You can sell VIP in F7 trading (minimum of 24 hours)
  • Twice as quick healing from medics (helpful in criminal events)
  • Use /glue and /unglue on any vehicl, not just boats
  • /vipskin to access skins including 5 (not skeleton) VIP skins see this which is from here
  • /convertviptomoney hours - Each hour you convert gets you $10,000
  • /walkstyle - Change your walk style without going to the gym

Donator status if your total donations exceed the following:
Show content
  • Level 1: $15 USD
    Ability to repair vehicles as if you had the the mechanic job (press X click on the car then click repair)
    Vehicles that you repair will go to 50% fuel instead of the normal 10%.
    /hitme command to be able to place a hit of $50,000-$200,000 on yourself with your own money and by doing so agree to give players a chance and not abuse.
    /d for donator chat. Good if you want to co-ordinate a hit event.
    Attend every criminal event
    You can own a total of 2 houses.
  • Level 2: $30 USD
    Everything DL1 has.
    Provide a morale boost to their team (or gang when in LV) with a range of 5 meters that will give 2 HP every 5 seconds to themselves and their team.
    You can own a total of 3 houses.
  • Level 3: $50 USD
    Everything DL1 and 2 has.
    Permanent VIP so even at 0 VIP hours, VIP will still work.
    You can own a total of 4 houses.
    When police you can place barriers using /barrier1 to /barrier4 to remove use /removeallbarriers do not abuse them else risk punishment.
    When stood on the roof of LS stadium you can use /streamurl to play music and have a party.

    If your donation(s) go over one of those numbers send me a forum PM telling me the email address the donation(S) were sent from and your account name so you can get a special forum status. These statuses have the same access as Senior Community Member rank. You must tell me when your donator level changes. I do NOT keep track of all that.
Do bear in mind that players with VIP are treated the same way as normal players and if you break the rules the same punishments apply, If you get banned and area unable to use your VIP accounts that is your fault for getting banned, so don't get banned!

I have calculated some donation ammounts and times you'll get:
Show content
For every $10 that you donate you'll get 2000 hours. To give you a rough idea of what you'll get here are some amounts:

$10 - (1000 x 2  = 2000 hours) (83.3 days)
$20 - (2000 x 2 =  4000 hours) (166.6 days)
$30 - (3000 x 2 =  6000 hours) (250 days)
$40 - (4000 x 2 =  8000 hours) (333.3 days)
$50 - (5000 x 2 =  10,000 hours) (416.6 days)
$100 - (10000 x 2 =  20,000 hours) (833 days)

Only accepting PayPal - I'm sorry, if I could accept other things I would. maybe one day.

PayPal will automatically convert your currency into USD ($)

Note: If you pay using an eCheque you will not get your VIP bonus until the cheque clears which can take up to 1 week. For VIP within 24 hours use credit/debit card or pay-pal funds.

Questions and Answers
Show content
Does VIP time run down only when I'm online?
VIP time runs down constantly if the main server is online and it has over 40 players online. This means that it will only run down while it's accessible. If you don't login for 3 days you will not lose any more VIP either so if you went inactive for 20 days, you'd only lose 3 days of VIP.

Can I donate any other way but with PayPal?
No sorry, but this is the only way I accept them.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a website which allows you to transfer money online without giving away card details and such to other websites as PayPal handles the payments. It's free to register and send money, the receiver pays a small transfer fee of about 3%.

PayPal isn't accepted in my country, how do I donate?
If you can't use PayPal in your country unfortunately you won't be able to donate. Recently they supported some new countries like Egypt so you should check the paypal website to see if your country is supported. Tip: If you donate from a country like Egypt you might want to wait until the currency conversion value is between your currency and USD is better as it can fluctuate a lot in not so stable economies.

Are donations open?
Yes, yes they area. So you don't need to ask if they're open because they are open.

Can I donate for an unban or clear my punish log?
No, you can NOT. Don't ask because you can NOT.

What do i do if i donated but didn't include my account name?
Send me a forum PM saying which email address you donated from and what your ingame account name is. I've noticed quite a few people who forget just send me a 2nd donation which includes the account name. If you do this I will activate both donations to the account you specified in the 2nd donation, no problem.

Can i donate to recover a lost account?
If you lost an account and you can't get it back with the email recovery system usually you'd be told you can't get it back. Howerever if you can prove that an account is yours (saying what you last did on the account, your MTA serial when you were on the account, etc) and area willing to donate $10 to get it back then it can be arranged.

When will you support Western Union
The only shop that is close to me is incompetent at training their staff as the only person there that can do western union transfer there is never in. So i won't be accepting western union.

I donated over $50 but I didn't get donator status, why?
Read what it says higher up in the post about these statuses and you'll see that it tell you to PM me on forum stating the paypal email address and ingame account name, as I don't  keep track donator statuses.
Alternatively you can tell me in the bit where it ask for you account name too and if you're donating $50 in one go I will add you to Dl1 without needing to be told.

Is it possible to donate with my mobile phone credit?
No. Find me one that doesn't charge ridiculous percentages. These mobile phone payment providers want 50% of the money, disgusting!

I can't donate because something on the paypal website doesn't work
Make sure you've got an up-to-date web browser and or try another web browser (firefox, chrome, IE, etc)

What type of credit/debit cards does PayPal accept?
According to this paypal help article they accept: Visa / Delta / Electron / Mastercard / Eurocard / Maestro / American Express and debit/bank cards that have the Visa or Mastercard logo on them.

If I get Donator Level does it last forever?
Yes, donator level does not expire like VIP expires and it does not require you to have any VIP for the donator level benefits to work

Ready to donate? Click here
Click here to go to the donation page on paypal.

Topics For Deletion / Updates changelogs backup
« on: 23, 12, 2019 »
Log will be added soon.

The News / Forum Rules
« on: 22, 12, 2019 »
Forum rules

1. Do not insult other people.
2. Do not post double on a topic, instead edit your last answer.
3. Do not use inappropriate names as an endpoint as a name.
4. Do not publish pornographic or religious content.
5. No Impersonating to other players.
6. Do not post something useless or meaningless.
7. Do not have more than one account, or use VPN to connect, as a result all your accounts will be banned.
8. Do not send a message to the administrators about bans or punishments, nor to request admin rank.
10. Use English on all the main boards or in the chatbox of the forum portal.

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