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EN: Hello friends, seriously thanks for all those good things that we spent together, thanks for those laughs, thanks for those moments, thanks for those '' rages '', thanks for everything that I go maybe 1 month at the most, but the question, why you go? I am leaving because now I will dedicate myself to exercise, a new diet and other personal matters, I will not leave CIF ... I will only leave for 1 month if in 2 I will return, I will leave because I want to get in shape, I want to improve my physique and I know it sounds a little strange, but that will sound "cheesy", but I found love, and well, I want to look handsome and also put more effort into goodbye studies and good luck to everyone.

Please: @Zelda, @BranD and @TheS3b@  I accept that as I will be inactive I should no longer continue with the position of Team staff, and forgive me seriously I hope you understand me and I hope to help you a lot, bye

ES: Hola amigos, enserio gracias por todos esos buenos momentos que pasamos juntos, gracias por esas risas, gracias por esos buenos momentos, gracias por esas arrecheras, gracias por todo me voy talves 1 mes como Mucho pero la pregunta, porque te Vas? Me voy porque ahora me dedicare a ponerme a hacer ejercisio, a una nueva dieta y a otros asuntos personales, no dejare CIF... solo me voy por 1 mes si acaso 2 luego volvere, me voy pues porque quiero ponerme en forma, quiero mejorar mi fisico y se que suena algo raro pero esque sonara ''cursi'' pero encontre el Amor, y pues quiero ponemer guapo y tambien para sentrarme mas en los estudios bye y buena suerte a todos decenme suerte amigasos

 Thanks for everything CIF.

Bug Name: Forum bug, Players section does not load / is not seen
Information: I don't know if it's just me, but I've been doing this for days and it hasn't been removed to be exact (2 days) and I don't think it's my internet, someone can confirm it. Thanks and sorry if I'm wrong
Images / Evidences:

Please.. @Zelda

Criminal Groups / Re: nq|noquestion.-
« on: 29, 04, 2020 »
Group without members and inactive forum topic... Locked!

Nice brother ;D



1.1 Your in-game name: AnthonyGM
1.2 Account name: Anthony.Banderas
1.3 Your level of understanding in English: 7/10
1.4 Serial: C191D0F2402316A258E83588846EA483
1.5 Screenshot of your current "F5" [LINK ONLY]:
1.6 Screenshot of your current Criminal "/stats" [LINK ONLY]:
1.7 Screenshot of his crimes

2.1 Your previous groups in this server, your rank in each group and the reason of leaving them: (RedZone) Rank: KING Reason for leaving: Inactivity + (Brother's_King) Rank: Founder Reason for leaving: Few members (QuickSilver) Rank: Leader Reason for leaving: Expelled ..
2.2 Tell us more about your CIF life and being a criminal: Well, I am an old player in the sv who has managed to get several Ranks / Achievements and I love being a criminal because I can steal, kill the Police and plant drugs also helping other new criminals and that is why I come here to apply ( CB) to lead criminals and help them. I know I may not have all the requirements, but I am telling the whole truth in my application and if I have experience as a criminal. Thanks
2.3 How long have you been a criminal: about 280 hours / 3 months ...?


3.1 I agree to uphold all CIF rules: Yes.
3.2 Have you read all the rules and guidelines about being a Criminal Boss: Yes.
3.3 I agree not to play as cop at all and if I fail to do so, I agree for my rights of Criminal Boss to be revoked: Yes.
3.4 I agree that any kind of misuse of the tools that will be given to me will result in a removal and might come with an in-game ban: Yes.
3.5 I agree that the information I've presented on this application is valid and is fully written by me: Yes.
3.6 I agree to resign if I went inactive for long period and couldn't perform my duty on stable activity: Yes.

Topics For Deletion / Re: Forum Bug
« on: 23, 04, 2020 »
I confirm that if this error will be fixed later, Thanks for your report.

Quality Assurance / Re: Mafiawars (Turfs) bugged
« on: 23, 04, 2020 »
Well, this topic has already been discussed and it is only a visual error and there are 2 groups with the territory, but the percentage is not seen and from the other photo I do not see any "defect".

Quality Assurance / Re: unban all
« on: 22, 04, 2020 »
If CIF dies, it is due to those players who isolate themselves, who don't follow Sv rules ... and who like to make fun like others who use some Bugs for their benefit and bring bad vibes to sv ...

Very good idea brother, I really liked it, if maybe they said no or "not necessary" but in my opinion, I see it well ;) Positive.

As the title says, I think since there is no GP or Pdr, a Top of Kills would be fine in the game or on the Forum in the game, add it on the CIFphone or with an example command: / topkills or on the forum only ,
I just think it would be good to put them for those players who want to know the death of others to see who has more, to win competitions, etc.
open me
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Well you are right @Mofc, next time I will do more research on the topic that I post, but if I continue with the topic then the suggestion I made would be good to implement it in the game with some command or in the CIFphone for those Gamers who don't know "manage" the forum in a good way and / or find it difficult to use it

Nice e,e ;D

I am nobody to answer your request, but the truth is that it has many punishments, yes, CIF needs a support that is good 10/10 in English, but it has too many warnings and punishments ... but it is just my Opinion, good luck

Introduce Yourself / Re: Genius's Introduction
« on: 18, 04, 2020 »
Good introduction bro, and @scarlxrd calm down xD it seems that you only see genius as your enemy :P

Good idea, Positive.

Introduce Yourself / Re: My Story/My Goals.
« on: 17, 04, 2020 »
Locked. due to inactivity.

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