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Your paragraph makes sense really, good luck and hope you achieve your future goals mate.

Applications / Re: Supporter Application Genius
« on: 02, 05, 2020 »
Fail post, delete it

? Someone sold a zone/business for someone else with an extra profit.
Proposed action: both accounts will be limited. Money will be removed and zone/property will be force-sold. In few rare cases, this can fall under #4 and result into a ban.

Either you stop copying CIT's rules or i will report you for posting offensive material

- Super adverts that are non-English and non-Spanish.
- Massively spamming or harassing players through the super advert.

Same goes here, we dont have super adverts feature

Cheating is defined as an unfair advantage. Do not camp in a CIFy zone while you're wanted in order to avoid being arrested unless your zone is easily accessible. Hosting car shows where entrants must pay is forbidden. Scamming is mainly when you have an agreed transaction with another player but you don't intend to fulfill the transaction. Everything that's related to 'trade' should be controlled by CIF F7 Trade system, doing unless will end mostly in scamming case. So, stick to the trading system unless you are trading with shader donations. You can complain the player in case of scam.
We dont have car show feature tho

? If you make a note about a certain point, "(Note) X: Killing people in this party is not allowed." and someone does it, you may jail the person for this rule.

The admin note is called (ADMINNOTE) not as you named it, Thus it's also a copied cat paragraph

[member=86]Vince[/member] an advice from me , grow up and make your own topic.

[member=762]scarlxrd[/member] ignorable hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

golna yaatk asba

Fi9 asba tal3b f cif

Topics For Deletion / Nvm
« on: 25, 04, 2020 »
Nvm, lock this


Quality Assurance / Re: unban all
« on: 22, 04, 2020 »
Unbanned everyone

Hello mr. 3asba nice to know more about you please your father's name ?
Its zabzoub yahchih fi scarl termtou tdhoub

Hi my name real life name is 3asba my father used to call me 3asba triya , you're really lucky sincen u visited my introduction i love scarl and genius , ya scarl ya 9ahba w ya genius l miboun , k thanks bye

Applications / Re: Soft JCM application
« on: 17, 04, 2020 »
- If you are denied, you must wait 2 weeks to apply again.

- Recently warned, thus denied.

I'll be working on this.

Complaints / Re: Report Angelo
« on: 15, 04, 2020 »
[member=1]Zelda[/member] your input is required here.

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