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Hello, My name is AnthonyGM, I went to buy 1 house in Hbl and I noticed that 1 player that has in the game as Name: ZzZ ~ that has 5 Houses, ask the Administrators who were in that active mumento and they told me that the maximum of houses per account is 3> + DL are maximum 4 they told me so I saw this why I am informing ...

Player Name: ZzZ ~
Player account: mati6789
Link's of catches e,e:
Each of the Link's, has 1 different house name e, and check it out ..

pd: Sorry if I'm wrong, I just wanted to report it


Commerce, Los Santos, San Andreas

Application form in order to join Armed Forces of CIF.
Account Information 35 Hours

In-game name: AnthonyGM
Account: Anthony.Banderas
Serial:  C191D0F2402316A258E83588846EA483
Stats: Stats
History: History
Punishlog: Punishlog

                              Personal Information  am a responsible boy who likes to play MTA and have a good time having fun with people

Age: 12 Years
Sex: Man
Nationality: Venezuelan
Timezone: (GMT-4)
English skills: 4/10

Personal Qualifications and History
Be as honest and detailed as possible.

Previous group(s) and reason(s) for why you left/were kicked: He was the Founder of the Group called `` CAMORRA '' but I left to join AF to help keep the streets clean of criminals in CIF

Reason(s) of choosing this agency over other agencies, why are you interested in joining the Armed Forces?: Because it is an Honorable Agency and because I want to help keep CIF free of Criminals

Action-Response Questions
How would you act in case you faced the following situations:

Noticed a group-mate participating in criminal activities: I  a advice a Leader or Founder what that Member is doing

An intruder entered the base without permission:
I tell him to retire because it is a Private Place

A criminal kills you then flames you in local chat or sms: I answer it and I will immediately arrest him

Found an exploitable bug to farm arrest points:
I call an admin to inform him of the error


I agree that I have read all the rules, and to be punished accordingly if I happen to disobey any of these rules at any given time: yes

I'm fully aware that lying in my application or copying answers will get me denied and possibly blacklisted: Yes

Loyalty is of paramount importance to the Armed Forces. Will you be loyal to this group, and will you accept the full range of consequences that will arrive in case you aren't?:  Yes
If I will be loyal to the Armed Forces and know that if something is wrong, I am willing to accept my consequences

Do you want to share anything else?:
Not now

Addressed to Commerce, Los Santos, San Andreas.
Armed Forces Recruitment Department.
Apply checked
Blacklisted 180 days since 30/12/19

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