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                           BASIC TIP'S FOR  CIF
Well, what is this page going to be about? This will be created to help new players who enter CIF and don't know some commands and here they can learn some basic commands to play.

Basic Keys for Panels
- F1: Allows you to open the Rules Panel, SV commands, Information
- F2: It allows you to open the Panel to Remove / Save Vehicles, planes etc.
- F3: This allows you to Open the Panel to Take off a certain Job or to become '' Unemployed ''
- F4: Allows you to open the Drug Panel.
- F5: Allows you to view the Weapons Skills Panel
- F6: It allows you to see the Groups Panel. Invite / delete / Edit information etc.
- F7: This allows you to see the Panel to be able to Sell .. be it Weapons, bullets, drugs, VIP etc.
- F8: This allows you to open the Panel to be able to use commands, put texts, see the chat etc.
- F9: Allows you to view the Panel Room. where you can create one, join or delete
- F10: This opens the Panel to place announcements, texts
- F11: Allows you to open the Map / view the map
- F12: When pressed, it captures what you see on the screen

City Commandos
/payfine: when it has 1 search level star, using it removes the level.
take a capture and send it to a Staff, if you are being DM, Trolling etc ...
/gc: Allows you to speak to your group
/ac: Allows you to speak to the alliance
/es: Using this command you can speak in the Chat without paying 250 $
/walkstyle: If you are a VIP and want to change your fighting style use this command and your number
/vipjetpack: If you are VIP when using it you could have a Jetpack, when you use it again it removes it
/vipskin: When using it you can change your Skin
/goevent: Using it teleports to the event, active
/eventwarp: Using it teleports to the event, active
/report: Take a screenshot and send it to a staff if you are doing DM, Trolleos, etc.

Criminal commandos
/surrender: If there are no police nearby when using it, send him to jail and take away his search level
/payjailfine: By using it the player is paying to get out of jail
/plantdrugs: If you have seeds of any drug, when using it you will plant it.
/dealer: If you are VIP when using it you can buy Drugs

Commands coming soon.

                            TIP'S Basicos para CIF
Bueno, ¿de qué va a tratarse esta página? Esto se creará para ayudar a los nuevos jugadores que ingresan a CIF y no conocen algunos comandos y aquí pueden aprender algunos comandos básicos para jugar.

Basicas Teclas para Paneles
- F1: le permite abrir el Panel de reglas, comandos SV, Información
- F2: le permite abrir el Panel para quitar / guardar vehículos, planos, etc.
- F3: Esto le permite abrir el panel para despegar un determinado trabajo o convertirse en "desempleado"
- F4: le permite abrir el Panel de drogas.
- F5: te permite ver el panel de habilidades de armas
- F6: le permite ver el Panel de Grupos. Invitar / eliminar / editar información, etc.
- F7: Esto le permite ver el Panel para poder vender ... ya sean armas, balas, drogas, VIP, etc.
- F8: Esto le permite abrir el Panel para poder usar comandos, poner textos, ver el chat, etc.
- F9: le permite ver la sala de paneles. donde puedes crear uno, unirte o eliminar
-F10 Esto abre el Panel para colocar anuncios, textos
- F11: le permite abrir el Mapa / ver el mapa
- F12: Toma una captura de su pantalla

Comandos de la Ciudad
/payfine: Si tiene 1 estrella de Nivel de busqueda al usar este comando la remuve.
/gc: Al usarlo puede hablar con su grupo! Ejemplo: /gc (texto)
/ac: Puede hablar con la allianza con este comando. Ejemplo: /ac (texto)
/es: Al usarlo puede hablar por el chat sin tener que pagar 250$ Ejemplo: /es (texto)
/walkstyle: Si es VIP al usarlo puedo cambiar su estilo de Pelea
/vipjetpack: Si es VIP al usarlo le da un Jetpack, al volvero a usar se lo quita.
/vipskin: Si es VIP Al usarlo se puede cambiar de Skin
/goevent: Al usarlo lo teletransporta al Evento que esta activo.
/eventwarp: Al usarlo lo teletransporta al Evento que esta activo.
/report: Toma una captura y la envía a un personal si está usted haciendo estan DM, Trolleos, etc.

Criminal comandos
/surrender: Si no hay policías al usar este comando lo lleva ala Carcel y le remueve su nivel de Búsqueda
/payjailfine: Al usarlo usted, esta pagando para salir de la Carcel.
/plantdrugs: Al usarlo puede plantar Drogas solo si tiene semillas compradas.
/dealer: Si tiene VIP al usarlo puede comprar semillas para las Drogas.

Proximamente nuevos Comandos.

Account Name: Anthony.Banderas
Serial: C191D0F2402316A258E83588846EA483
Rank for which I am applying: Regular Community Member (RCM)
Why do you think you deserve this rank? Well I come again to make an application this time of RCM, I think that with everything I have helped the SV, being active both in the Game and here! in the forum helping, doing Guides !, also answering the posts of others ... helping them in what I think their post is missing or clarifying what they are posting, I think I deserve an opportunity to be accepted at this Rank. And I will also continue doing what I have been doing since I joined the Community. helping others and being active I know that I might not meet all the requirements for this application and I know. but I think I have earned it. Thanks for reading and I agree if I don't get accepted. and I will try to do it for a future reapply or to a higher rank. Thank you
Tell us about yourself My name is: Jean Anthony in the community I am known as my name here in the forum '' AnthonyGM '' and I always come to CIF to have fun, to help if I can. Meeting new and nice people and I also try to please others always ago that, Thanks

Why has nobody seen it, because nobody responds, must it be blocked? well I just say it was a suggestion it's not my fault that they don't answer if it's ok or not .. but hey

I come to bring this Topic on this page, because I think it should be put here since it is a LAW issue and as the Title "Presidential" says with the Presidential Campaign ...
I come to bring you some photos of places where I think that some markets are needed for vehicles for the use of LAW equipment and also for the President.
Well the first place is this here in the police station, LS - Court House I think that here you need a Police Helicopter Market, so LAW Members, whether they belong to a Group or only have the Job, can transfer by Helicopter.
(Roof entrance to police station)
And this is where I think the Helicopter Market should be
(Where should Heli's Market be)
And here the entrance to LS - Court House? presidential house, here I think there should be a market to go up to the roof
(Here where they should put the market to go up to the ceiling.)
And lastly here I think they should put a Market for Helicopters and Planes, for the President to put this I think it would be good for the President to be able to move .. with his "bodyguards" Color ../ Black
(Here the Market of Heli for the President?)
Thanks for reading, I think this should be added.

MW / Idea of Mini events / BlackJack etc...
« on: 23, 03, 2020 »
Some users gave a good '' idea '' today (22/3/20) an idea that I come to share now, how about
how about implementing a Mini events system? I mean like BlackJack, Pool, or some of those?
Let me explain: It would be nice if they put a system like this where a player can play with another BlackJack / Cards or also Play Pool .. but how would it be? I think it would be nice if it were like the "Duels" system when using an example command: /playcards or /gocards and that it is like the Duels one, that there will be a panel where a player can send him a Game Request to another and to be able to bet the money, that they want and the game begins etc .. or also putting that option in the CIFphone, that is the idea I had
Thank you for reading...  ;)

Job Guides / [GUIDE] ''Job'' of Police Officer
« on: 18, 03, 2020 »

More information about the Job!

What is the Job about?:
The job of a Good Police Officer is to keep the streets clean of criminals in CIF / Game, to help protect banks, shops, etc. and to arrest wanted criminal...

Pershing Square, Los Santos center.. + Teleport's: ( LS - Court House )

( Police LS / Police SF / Police LV / Police Ranger )

Panel Information
Here you can join the police service, You will be entered into the ranks as a recluit and later be able to move onto the specialist roles in the police. You will have the power to arrest wanted players by beating them with the nightstick or by car jacking them to bring them under control, this process will make you money. Godd performance will result such as the traffic division, SWAT, etc.

ID's of Skin's of the Job:
1-) 280 + Skin Mod!
2-) 281
3-) 282 + Skin Mod!
4-) 283
5-) 288
6-) 265
7-) 266
8-) 267
9-) 231
10-) 232

E, is it ok that they have put a "Place / Page?" Again where they can put the suggestions, issues etc ... I put this a long time ago but no one saw it and in the General Chat, I will put it back to see if they answer - It is just a small suggestion I do not think it is very important but well I just think it should be a "rule"
Subjet: Suggestion / Event Theme

Topic to be discussed:

In the events, '' The '' player can use medication that should take it away because if they lose their life or something they have a better chance of winning than other players since they can be cured that would open it than Remove it and give them more advantage....

General Chat / Automatic drugs?
« on: 16, 03, 2020 »
Command to make automatic drugs?
I think that it is necessary / they should put a command that serves to create automatic drugs, although not for VIP Players, that is something '' Exclusive '' that is because already in the game, there are several players * Well most of the players have vip like this that this command is only for Players (DL = Donator Level's) and that it only works in LS, SF Why not in LV? because they could stay afk taking Turf Bonus or they could kill them and so I think that would be all the information of the command and be activated with ... and when one uses the command, there will be the nominal panel of drugs but with the option of "Make drugs automatic" and one can select the drug that he wants to make automatic, Obviously

Command to use: /createautomaticdrugs
         Thanks for reading, it's just a suggestion that I think should be Added.

Quality Assurance / Kill camera / Bug!
« on: 14, 03, 2020 »
Bug Name: Kill Camera / Camara Seeing the sky when you die

Bug Information: Please try to fix this Bug, it is something annoying that you are playing quietly and they kill you or you kill you, and then you bugger the camera as if you were looking at the sky and you have to reconnect,
I know it doesn't seem very important but sometimes it is annoying that this happens to a Player ...

Bug Test Image:

Account Name: Anthony.Banderas
In-Game Name: AnthonyGM
Hours in-game: 281 Hours
Time-Zone: (GMT-4)
Information about yourself: I am an '' Old '' player already playing at CIF since it opened in December, I am active both in the game and in the Forum I am known in the community etc. I like to help new people and / and old I am a fun Player, nice good I try to always be nice to all the players,and I want to continue helping the community the truth, I do not have many friends who play MTA but those who have I invite them to CIF to see what it is about and that I would like to help by inviting but as I explain. so I help making Guides !, helping in the game, putting Posts / suggestions etc.
Why do you want to be an Event Manager:
Well, I introduce myself My name is: Jean Anthony, and I would like to be an Event manager to be able to, as the '' rank '' says to create Events, amuse people and also have fun doing them :) I have enough time trying to apply for MS but as I needed more requirements than I had because I tried to reach them as fast and good as I could, I can see that I am a player who does not know, but I have been practicing in the Map Editor that the MTA brings, and I think / I hope that you can give me an opportunity to be an Event Manager ... Thanks for reading my post I hope you like it and you can accept me, and I agree if I do not get accepted and I will try in the future to try harder and try to put my publication back

Account Name: Anthony.Banderas
Serial: C191D0F2402316A258E83588846EA483
Rank for which I am applying: Junior Community Member (JCM)
Why do you think you deserve this rank? Well I have never received a punishment in the Forum, I always try to put Good suggestions, good comments to the other players I always try to help and ago ... both in the Forum and in the game, in the Sometimes Aug forum [GUIDES] of jobs to help new players who enter CIF so that they know what the sv is going to learn how to work and I will continue like this I like to help the truth always and been a player Well, that helps that is Respectable, that does not publish absurd things, which is active both in the forum and in the game I come with a happiness of being able to apply for Junior Community Member since a few weeks ago I wanted to do it but did not have all the requirements to do so. so I started to get active in the forum with the Guides! also giving suggestions responding to the post of the other players Well I think I have nothing more to say and I will continue like this and I will try to improve my suggestions and put better content etc ... Thank you for reading my Publication and I swear I do not copy any someone else since I don't like that. Everything I say I say with my own words. Thank you and hopefully you can give me the opportunity to achieve the rank of JCM so I can continue with my goals ... Future :) and yes I agree if I don't get accepted. and I will try to improve my Post's
Tell us about yourself My name is Jean Anthony, I am a boy of 13 who likes to have fun, help, be good vibes and I always come to CIF because as I have been explaining to have fun to have a good time .. to meet new people and always try to please everyone Players. Thank you for reading :)

General Chat / Chat Donator / Remove?
« on: 10, 03, 2020 »
It is assumed that the chat of `` Donors '' is to organize Mini Hit's events, also to speak to another Player if he can donate for you: And instead they use it to insult you, to say stupid things, to talk about things that you don't they are related to that Chat ... I think that chat should be removed. Since the other players do not use it properly  :-X

Well I'm not new to CIF '' am I pre-veteran ''? I preceded myself: My Name is Jean Anthony, they will know me as `` AnthonyGM '', well I met CIF by some friends who mentioned it to me in another sv and then one day I wanted to see what I was trying to do as the SV was and I liked it a lot and now I play it almost every day, I met it through my friend SpectruM, and I really loved it :3 The players, The events the Modalities that the sv has and my Goals maybe: be Support that already succeeds: after that also to be JCM and the ranks of the community that Sigen RCM SCM ... to be (EM) and someday maybe to form Team Staff ...
Thanks for reading my history :)

In the events, there is no limit of Prize for 1 player although it opened to have since if a player wins 3 times he obtains the `` prize '' 3 times and the other players may be angry or insulted I explain: The maximum of Prizes that a maximum player can win would be fine 2 times * I mean that if he wins 2 events, if he wins a third event he should not have that prize and give it to the next one that wins it and then since a player has already won an event in the next event With prize there is if you can get it said (player) ...

General Chat / Suggestion / Event Theme
« on: 07, 03, 2020 »
In the events, '' The '' player can use medication that should take it away because if they lose their life or something they have a better chance of winning than other players since they can be cured that would open it than Remove it and give them more advantage....

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