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Topics For Deletion / Nvm
« on: 25, 04, 2020 »
Nvm, lock this

Hi my name real life name is 3asba my father used to call me 3asba triya , you're really lucky sincen u visited my introduction i love scarl and genius , ya scarl ya 9ahba w ya genius l miboun , k thanks bye

Nowadays the server has become active , and of course criminal events have become more active and i've seen that it's harder now for police chiefs and criminal bosses to give commands , since most of them don't notice the chat or simply don't care about their orders , so I suggest giving criminal bosses and police chiefs voice commands to use while in criminal events.

-Voice commands will only be used by Police Chiefs and Criminal Bosses.
-Voice commands can only be used inside criminal events.
-Cooldown between each voice command will be 1 minute after the last use , meaning if a PC/CB uses the command , he and other PCs/CBs will have to wait 1 minute as well. (to prevent spam)
-Only the players who are inside the criminal event will hear the voice commands.
-Every player will have an option in /settings to enable/disable the voice commands. (Enabled by default)
-When a PC/CB uses a voice command their name will appear on the left bottom of the screen with voice symbol.

How will  the voice commands be used?

Police Chiefs and Criminal Bosses will have to type commands in order to activate them , suggested commands :

Voice commands that I was able to find :

- Go Go
- Hold This position
- Fall Back

Bug Name: When you kill a cop in a CE you will get 20 from all the drugs except weed
Screenshot / video: -
Explain it (detailed): When you kill a cop in a CE you will get 20 from all the drugs except weed

Applications / SCM Application - Hanns#
« on: 05, 03, 2020 »
Account Name: Reborn1
Serial: 6E863C0BE39E5CB0CE28BED710EFF9A1
Rank for which I am applying: Senior Community Member
Why do you think you deserve this rank? Dear FFM's,
Dear FMMs ,

 I'm here to apply for SCM rank. I've been a part of this community since the start of 2020. Helping new players is my number one priority here as I usually have a lot of free time, but most of the time I'm either helping a new player or  checking forums. I am extremely active on forums as I usually check it every 30-60 minutes. I haven't been punished since a long time and my behavior is  decent. I am a part of the discussion community as I try and vote every now and then on topics that I see interesting. I have good knowledge about this game as I've been a part of it since a long time.

Quality Assurance / /eventnote not working
« on: 28, 02, 2020 »
Bug Name: /eventnote not working
Screenshot / video: just try it when you're ingame
Explain it (detailed): If you are a CEM, you can't do /eventnote "message"

I believe we need this command , since it'll be helpful , so you can advert for many things you want, such as adverting for ur group, something for sale etc ....

Better than adverting in main chat, i've prepared a code for this, So developers doesn't need to waste their time, [member=1]Zelda[/member] or [member=9]BranD[/member] check the PM, i have sended the script to you.


Topics For Deletion / Tunisians - General Chat.
« on: 13, 02, 2020 »
It'll be edited soon.

Topics For Deletion / Tunisians - General Chat.
« on: 13, 02, 2020 »
Tnajem tahky aya lougha hna, Bark saben la w fok aalina ml machekel

Bug Name: You can kill medics , but they cant kill you in LV
Screenshot / video: Check it ingame
Explain it (detailed): You can kill medics , but they cant kill you in LV

This suggest exists already ...

General Chat / Imagine buddy ......
« on: 12, 02, 2020 »
Imagine if schools actually helped kids identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and and growing their skills over the 12 years instead of letting them all follow the same routine and leaving them confused in life after graduation. ?

General CIF Discussion / Adding /quitjob command
« on: 11, 02, 2020 »
Adding a command which you can leave your current job , the command gotta be easy and simple enough it's /quitjob, it's way better, Nothing else to explain.

Bug Name: When you are a moderator at a certain board, your squars will be changed to 5 and the color will be changed also
Screenshot / video:
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see now :
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Explain it (detailed): The screenshots prove everything, nothing else to say

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