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Official Groups / New Group System
« on: 09, 04, 2020 »
Community Groups:

We know that all community groups have a sort of life, many of them don't even reach the end of it without dying or going inactive.
To get board when the gang should reach 4 months (criminal groups), 3 months (police groups), 2 months (civilian groups)

Semi Oficial Group
Once group got its car spawner with those standard cars listed in BVT, it can be considered as semi-official. I mean, officiality recommendations are restricted to semi-official groups only, in fact  they can be only 10+ months old groups. Consider that reaching this is already difficult due to requirements and due to moneywhores that leave group only to get more money.

* 2 months after group had its sub-board they can apply for a base
*  AFTER they achieve base, they can get healthmarker 3 months after they have had own base
*  Car spawner 5 months after they have had base

In this board you can arrange buying and selling of items in game whether it'll be drugs, ammo/guns or properties.

But be aware, scams may occur, to prevent scams you can politely ask a staff member or someone you trust to act as a middleman for the transaction, note that staff members are not subject to help you out, they'll have to do so of free will.

A transaction where one part is to recieve an item or property and pay over a period of time is quite likely to be a scam, therefore please avoid agreeing on such transactions unless you're very familiar with the person you're trading with, this because you're not guaranteed that the counterpart actually will fullfill the promises.

If you neglect these warnings and do get scammed you will not be refunded.

Community Groups / Applying for a gang base.
« on: 07, 04, 2020 »
Applying for a gang base.

Community Groups / Moderator Changes
« on: 07, 04, 2020 »

Community Groups / Groups boards requests
« on: 07, 04, 2020 »

Request your group subforum here.

1. At least 45 gang members (has been in the gang for at least 10 days, may not be inactive more than 7 days or trials)
2. Time sub-requirements

* Criminal groups need to be at least 4 months old.
* Law groups need to be at least 3 months old.
* Civilian groups need to be at least 2 months old.

3. You need to wait 14 days after being denied for your board to apply again. Waiting time will be modified by handlers based on how much group deserves to wait.
4. If you are re-creating a gang but the gang wasn't deleted, you should post the date when it became active. Groups that came back from inactivity, have to wait only 1 month before requesting their subboard. You must prove me that you've been active in the last month.
5. No random/massive/brainless recruiters. No rulebreaking scum.

Group sub-board application format:

Code: [Select]
[b]Gang name as it was registered ingame:[/b]
[b]Group genre (law/criminal/civilian):[/b]
[b]Gang creation date (format: day-month-year):[/b]
[b]Amount of people in the group:[/b]
[b]Amount of active people:[/b]
[b]Screenshot of the grouplogs:[/b]
[b]Forum names of the people you want to have moderator rights on your board:[/b]
[b]I am the gangleader:[/b]
[b]Account name of the one who founded group:[/b]
[b]I respect time requirement for my group's genre:[/b]
[b]I have at least 45 active members:[/b]
[b]I meet all requirements:[/b]
[b]I accept a 7-day forum ban if I lie in this format:[/b]

Alliance sub-board application format:

If you want an alliance board the gangs that are in the alliance must have had a subboard for atleast 2 months and be active.

Code: [Select]
[b]Alliance name:[/b]
[b]Groups in the alliance:[/b]
[b]Creation date of the groups in the alliance:[/b]
[b]Creation date of the alliance:[/b]
[b]Names of the gang leaders:[/b]
[b]Names of the wanted moderators:[/b]


* Failure to follow this format will be ignored. Avoid spamming this topic with useless posts, complaints or childish posts.
* It may take some time for your request to be processed. DO NOT APPLY TWICE OR YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DENIED.
* Geniuses that will create a law group only to have sub-board before time and then turn their group into criminal group will receive a vacation to blacklist of 3 months. Same applies for civilian groups.

Moderator changes:
If for some reason you need to add/remove Moderator(s) from your sub-board, you can request by posting the following format here.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name of your group[/b]:
[b]Your rank in your group[/b]:
[b]Moderator(s) you wish to remove (with profile links)[/b]:
[b]Moderator(s) you wish to add (with profile links)[/b]:
[b]The reason why you want to do this change[/b]:
[b]Link to your sub-board[/b]

Do not PM staff members.

Official Groups / Purpose of this board
« on: 07, 04, 2020 »
This board is restricted to official groups only.

- You're allowed to post here only if it's an important communication between official groups (law side and criminal side discussions are allowed).
- If you're not in one of official groups, don't post here.
- Don't use this board to advertise your group, go in Community Groups section.
- Not following what listed above will result in a forum warning for breaking rule #7.

Unnecessary, thanks for the suggestion.

General Chat / CIF presidential journal
« on: 24, 03, 2020 »

Presidential elections in CIF, in LSPD. apply if you have more than 50 hours, but vote for the most indicated, the winner with 50 votes will have the possibility to approve suggestions.

Also a roleplay system that allows the president to give 10k every 1 min to the policemen close to him. and criminals will earn 500k for murdering him.

The president earns 10k every minute.

Topics For Deletion / Weed Farm
« on: 23, 03, 2020 »

The News / Vehicle Inventory System
« on: 05, 02, 2020 »

Topics For Deletion / Custom car shaders shop
« on: 02, 02, 2020 »


In this topic you can buy shaders to apply on your cars. They will change the paint job of the car, making it unique. Well known examples are paintjobs for sultan, elegy, savanna, etc. Some cars need special templates to have their shader added. Shader is bound to your account. Even if you sell the car, you'll still be able to use it once you buy it again. It's like a personal skin shader always applied even when you don't use the skin. One example is the Sabre Turbo. Don't worry, below here, I'll provide all the templates you need in order to create your car shader. You can also apply shaders on helicopters like Cargobob. You can ask every question here by replying in this topic. Please if you don't know anything, don't answer to other players' questions, it's annoying and obnoxious and it'll get you a warning. If you have any doubts ASK BEFORE paying.

Shader transfers are forbidden, too many people committing frauds and thefts.
Templates to make your own car shader
I listed below all the textures you need to modify to make your own shader. If you want, you can google some pre-made paintjobs for the most common cars, in case you like one you found in net. In any case, for those expert in using editing softwares, you can create an image over the paintjob texture (I put it in the list to let you have a generic orientation about parts of texture applied on cars) then apply shadows over your image with a layer and apply a "Multiply color" filter to paste shadows correctly. At the moment I put the most common car textures. I'll tell you if it's possible to create a shader on a vehicle you like. I tested almost everything in CIF so I may be able to answer you with detailed informations. Remember that you can submit images that are 1024x1024 pixels of size so try to make use of that limit for once, quality will benefit and your car won't have a blurred stain instead of a nice paintjob. You will find below buttons to buy a car shader.

CIF Modded vehicles
ID 503 - Sabre Turbo - Textures template + Mod files
ID 411 - Infernus - Textures template + Mod files
ID 597 - Police Sultan - Textures template + How to test
ID 415 - Cheetah -  Textures Template + Mod files
ID 437 - Coach - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 541 - Bullet - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 522 - NRG-500 - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 482 - Burrito - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 429 - Banshee - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 402 - Buffalo - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 434 - Hotknife - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 604 - SultanRS - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 589 - Voltic - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 586 - Wayfarer - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 474 - Hermes - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 505 - Sandy Racer - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 480 - Comet - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 514 - DFT-900 - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 451 - Turismo - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 468 - Sanchez - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 458 - Medic Car - Same template as Stratum
ID 479 - Advanced Hummer - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 547 - Cybertruck - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 496 - Blista - Textures template + Mod Files

Vehicles with paintjobs
ID 560 - Sultan - Textures template
ID 559 - Jester - Textures template
ID 558 - Uranus - Textures template
ID 562 - Elegy - Textures template
ID 565 - Flash - Textures template
ID 536 - Blade - Textures template
ID 575 - Broadway - Shadows + Original Paintjob
ID 534 - Remington - Textures template
ID 567 - Savanna - Textures template
ID 576 - Tornado - Textures template
ID 535 - Slamvan - Textures template
ID 520 - Hydra - Textures template
ID 487 - Maverick - Textures template
ID 476 - Rustler - Textures Template
ID 561 - Stratum - Textures Template

Standard Vehicles
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Requirements are similar to skin shaders:
- Max 1024x1024pixel of size;
- Image format must be .jpg or .jpeg;
- You can request one car shader per vehicle;
- You can buy all car shaders you want
After you sent the payment, you MUST send me a forum PM with (same for edits requests):

- Your account name:
- Your PAYPAL e-mail address:
- PayPal transaction ID (not necessary for edits):
- Jpg file you chose:


The News / Custom Clothes stores now open!
« on: 19, 01, 2020 »
Community of Integrity and Force

You can now buy custom clothes for CJ at the clothes shop. Custom mean that a member of the community modified the appearance of an existing clothing item, they sumit it to is and then using the script I just made, accessible ingame.

The News / Bank Robbery
« on: 15, 01, 2020 »

Spanish Forum Board / VIP Gratis
« on: 15, 01, 2020 »
Buenas, por este mes estare regalando VIP gratis a jugadores que hagan videos para YT, de cualquier cosa.

Ganar horas vip en juego:

- Los videos deben durar al menos 2 minutos.
- Los videos pueden tener o no buenas ediciones, lo que importa es la intencion siempre y cuando tenga un punto de logica el video.
- El video en YT debe tener en la descipcion obligatoriamente "Copyright by Tu nombre" como ejemplo.
- El titulo del video debe decir CIF MTA - Titulo, ejemplo CIF MTA - Bank Robbery.
- En la descripcion debe ir la pagina
- Es valido que un jugador pueda hacer dos videos del mismo tema, ejemplo guia de camionero y guia de camionero part 2 aplica para todo, si es visto como gameplay no hay requisitos puedes grabar el mismo video en diferentes aspectos.

Facturando VIP (por cada video):

- Videos de tutoriales en foro (60 horas).
- Gameplay (70 horas).
- Tutoriales de para usar paneles del juego, ej mplayer, F6, F10. (65 horas).
- Eventos criminales (120 horas).
- Guias / Tutorial de empleos civiles (100 horas).

Aca abajo pondre un formato para postular tu video, este debe ir en un comentario dentro de este topico, Buena suerte!


Code: [Select]
[b]Tipo de video:[/b]
[b]Enlace del video (usar spoiler porfavor):[/b]
[b]Nombre de la cuenta en juego:[/b]

Ganar rango donador en juego:

Usuarios que logren tener mas de 1.000 visitas en un video tendran DL1 gratis.
Usuarios que logren tener mas de 5.000 visitas en un video tendran DL2 gratis.
Usuarios que logren tener mas de 10.000 visitas en un video tendran DL3 gratis.

Formato para postular un video que alcanzo el nivel de visitas:

Code: [Select]
[b]Link del video:[/b]
[b]Nombre de la cuenta en juego:[/b]

Para grabar en MTA les recomiendo descargar Bandicam

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