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When donating you are helping the server to stay, so for this reason we offer such advantages to differentiate a donor player.

The only payment method is paypal.

- VIP Price:
5$ = 500 hours vip
10$ = 1000 hours vip
15$ = 2000 hours vip

- Donator Level Price:
20$ = DL1 +200 vips
40$ = DL2 +500 vips
60$ = DL3 +1000 vips (VIP permanent)

Perks DL1:
  • Ability to repair vehicles as if you had the the mechanic job (press X click on the car then click repair).
  • Vehicles that you repair will go to 50% fuel instead of the normal 10%.
  • /hitme command to be able to place a hit of $50,000-$200,000 on yourself with your own money and by doing so agree to give players a chance and not abuse.
  • /d for donator chat. Good if you want to co-ordinate a hit event.

Perks DL2:
  • Everything DL1 has.
  • Provide a morale boost to their team (or gang when in LV) with a range of 15 meters that will give 3 HP every 7.5 seconds to themselves and their team.

Perks DL3:
  • Everything DL1 and 2 has.
  • You have VIP even when your VIP hours are all sold / ran out.
  • /convertviptomoney hours - Each hour you convert gets you $10,000

Perks VIP Hours:
  • Use /jetpack for transport only jet-pack (can't be used in LV, when wanted or when holding a prisoner).
  • Respawn with 100% armor for free.
  • Extra 20% cash earned when doing work.
  • Ability to recover your vehicles to your position and get the driver seat.
  • Allowed use '/viphats'.
  • You can sell VIP in F7 trading.
  • Twice as quick healing from medics (helpful in criminal events).
  • Use /glue and /unglue on any vehicle.
  • /walkstyle - Change your walk style without going to the gym.
  • /fightstyle - Change your fight style without going to the gym.
  • /vipskin to access skins including 5n VIP skins.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Put in the "subject" the name of your account and what you are buying. remember that "Zelda" is not the same as "ZELDA".
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