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Forum Rules
« on: 09, 11, 2018 »
Forum rules

1. Do not be dishonest.
2. Do not publish or link illegal content, infringed by copyright, pornographic, racist.
3. Do not insult.
4. Do not make useless or out of topic publications.
6. Do not post things that have already been published.
7. The content of your avatar, signature and forum profile should be appropriate.
8. Names must be appropriate and a real name. For example, the use of an endpoint as a name will not be tolerated. The names should only contain alphabetic, numeric or standard keyboard characters in English.
9. The questions published in "General Support / Questions" SHOULD BE ABOUT CIF.
10. The registration of a forum account through a proxy or the use of a temporary email account will be assumed as an attempt to evade prohibition or registration with malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban. When we are processing your registration attempt in the forum and another forum account has recently been used from the same IP address, probably because it is trying to create multiple identities for you and / or prohibit evading, it will probably end up banned for multiple accounting.
11. Do not send PM staff about prohibitions, irrelevancies or anything else they do not want in their inbox.
12. CIF is a zone free of politics and religion, keep the real life arguments out of CIF!
13. Do not post anything that may lead to discussions or conflicts with other servers / communities.
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