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CIF Staff, Supporters and Honourables
« on: 09, 11, 2018 »
CO - Community Operator (Unlimited access)
SPM - Staff Performance Manager (Checks staff activity and maintains staff performance, L5 Only)
ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by no longer active staff)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly)
MEM - Map Editor Manager (Edits part of maps and fixes map bugs)
GAM - Group Affairs Manager (Gathers groups information and regularly helps in reviewing them)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them)
PAM - Punishment Appeal Manager(Is involved to remove the punishments)
SSM - Staff Suggestion Manager (Is responsible for managing the suggestions made by users to the server)
SBM - Staff Base Manager (Is responsible for ensuring the benefits of the bases within the game)
CM - Complaints Manager (Responsible for Complaints board)

Active Staff Members

L5 (Head Staff)

L5. Zelda (CO)
L5. BranD
L5. Madrigos

L4 (High Staff)

L3 (Trusted Staff)

L2 (Trained staff members)

L2 (Trained Staff)

L1 (New Staff)

L0 (Trial Staff)

Changes Logs

Spoiler for Hiden:
Madrigos has been added as L5 Staff. (Staff Management)
Suix86 has been removed as L5 Admin, user deleted his account. (19.02.2019)
Suix86 has been added as L5 Staff. (Zelda) (28.01.2019)


We're forever grateful for the support from all of our players. Those who are listed below have caught our attention with their dedicated and hard work. We thank you all.

Arran: Undoubtedly, the person I most admire in all MTA, excellent developer and owner of the scripts.

Eudy: Web constributor.
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