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Welcome to CIF forum Index!

19, 02, 2019 by Zelda | Views: 298 | Comments: 0

CJ's custom clothes system, alternative clothes can be added all the clothes that are choose without altering the default id.

* Changelog

Saturday 13 th February 2018
- Added love ship with blip of heart that travels by SA. (Zelda + BranD)

Tuesday 11 th February 2018
- Added CJ's custom clothes system, can be seen in the CJs clothes shop, custom clothes do not alter the default id. (Zelda)

Saturday 9 th September 2017
- ATM Robbery Added. Criminals can now rob any ATM machine in LS. You can rob an ATM machine up to 5 times and make between $1k and $1.5k for the first rob, and between $15k and $25k if you make it to the 5th rob. (Zelda)

Wednesday 6 th September 2017
- Added street races in the city of saints, you can also see the time until of the races on the phone in the event app. (Zelda)

Sunday 3 rd September 2017
- Added planting of explosive bombs to vehicles, to activate use / plantbomb + seconds, you can only use this in Las Venturas. (Zelda)

Saturday 2 nd September 2017
- Added the job of Explorer, is to take a photo in the area that is assigned, to start should take a vehicle (Mesa) and automatically will see a blip marked on entering, the more level you have more gain for the photos, the job can get in (Bone Country The Big Ear). (Zelda)

Friday 1 st September 2017
- Added a system of sack players for category police chief players, which prevents security officers from working in police due to a breach of police rules. (Zelda)
- Added the pilot job in San Fierro airport, to begin you must take a plane and see the destination location, the payment is varied according to your level and distance of travel. (Zelda)
- Bokilla has been promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Thursday 31 st August 2017
- Added trucker employment in San Fierro Easter Basin and also illegal truck driver's mission by pressing N inside the vehicle being criminal, but first you must buy a truck if you want to do the criminal mission. (Zelda)

Wednesday 30 th August 2017
- Fixed that when reconnecting you lost the style of walking that you had bought. (Zelda + Bokilla)

Tuesday 29 th August 2017
- Added a new transportation system which allows you to pay a fee to instantly travel to other train, plane or bus stops. (Zelda + Bokilla)
- Added a country chat by pressing the L button. (Zelda + Bokilla)

Monday 28 th August 2017
- Diablo has been promoted to L2. (Zelda)
- Bokilla added as L1. Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Sunday 27 th August 2017
- Smoke resigned the staff team. (Zelda)
- Added that the police now get drugs when it kills criminals. (Zelda)
- Fixed the bug of quick reload. (Zelda + BranD)

Friday 25 th August 2017
- Added that you can sleep inside the houses. (Zelda)

Thursday 24 th August 2017
- Diabl0 added as L1. Trial Staff. (Zelda + BranD)

Wednesday 23 rd August 2017
- Added the Medic Mission pressing "N" in vehicle ambulance. (Zelda)
- Added Vehicle Inventory in x click on the vehicle. (Zelda)

Tuesday 22 nd August 2017
- Added Armed Robbery events in Los Santos. (Zelda)
- The player's ping system was improved. (Zelda)

Monday 21 st August 2017
- Fixed briefcase paynament. (Zelda + Doug)
- Added 64 player zones in LS. (BranD)
- Added the name tag of the map of the bases law. (AirinG)

Sunday 20 th August 2017
- Increased payment of turf bonus to 450 per area, as long as it is known that the payment is divided among the members of the group. (Zelda)                      

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