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05, 02, 2020 by Zelda | Views: 603 | Comments: 0

* Changelog

Friday 17th April 2020
- xZeerote added as Staff Trial. (Zelda)
- Ximbas has been promoted to L1. (Zelda)

Monday 13st April 2020
- Ximbas added as Staff Trial. (Zelda)

Sunday 12nd April 2020
- Turf payment reduced to $150 per turf. (Zelda)
- Everyone now has VIP status without hours until the Easter event ends. (Zelda)
- Hanns Added as Staff Trial. (Zelda)
- Added experimental voice system for criminal events: /qvgo /qvfb /qvhold. (Hanns)

Friday 10th April 2020
- Scarlxrd promoted to L2. (Zelda)
- Wilbert promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Wednesday 8th April 2020
- Disabled hydra bombs in whole cities. (Zelda)
- Added Armor Seller job, it means that you must get scraps in the city to later sell it as armor using /sellarmor + cost. (Zelda + Mofc Testing)

Thuesday 7th April 2020
- Made that cops with more than 10 hours of playtime won't receive payments from the government. (Zelda)

Monday 6th April 2020
- Added max sale prices to F7 to prevent scams. (Zelda)
- Made /payjailfine without specifying seconds be for every second. (Zelda)
- Paramedics that are hit targets will only be able to heal other hit targets. (Zelda)
- Made it so when you turn off car engine with /engine the vehicle is frozen so people can't push it. (Zelda)
- Medics can now use /deploy outside of criminal events. (Zelda)
- Fixed not being able to enter criminal events as medic if recently attended one. (Zelda)
- Anthony passed the trial L1. (Zelda)

Sunday 5h April 2020
- Added Top 50 medics to website. citfmta.net -> CIF Stats Menu -> Top 50 medics. (Zelda)
- Added that you can't use /vipjetpack if you have been hurt in the last 10 seconds. (Zelda + theS3ba)
- Added Ingame Event Timers to website. citfmta.net -> CIF Stats Menu -> Ingame Event Timers. It shows the next criminal event and its time, also the harvest time weed farm. (Zelda)
- Disabled getting healed by paramedics when moving to prevent abuse. (Zelda)

Saturday 4th April 2020
- Back to the binds system to 2013 outdated, but with the classic game. (Zelda)
- Added checking that deactivate the hydra projectile outside LV. (Zelda)
- Added 10 seconds from rpg weapon to prevent spam. (Zelda + TheS3b@)
- Fixed rpg bug that sometimes prevents you from using it. (Zelda)

Friday 3rd April 2020
- Being killed by a gangster who is not from your group in LV will cause your drop 5 of all your drugs. (Zelda)

Thursday 2nd April 2020
- Added zombie land at Z icon. (Zelda)
- Scarlxrd promoted to L1. (Zelda)

Wednesday 1st April 2020
- Wilbert promoted to L1. (Zelda)
- Re enabled house inventory and vehicle inventory. (Zelda)
- BUXI and Scooby added as Staff Trial. (Zelda)

Tuesday 31st March 2020
- Draco has been promoted to L1. (Zelda)
- Added presidential feature, escorts to the president will earn a money bonus and the president will earn 20k every 120 seconds while escorted, whoever kills the president will earn 500k. (Zelda)
- Scarlxrd added as Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Monday 30th March 2020
- Police payment is now transferred directly to the ATM instead of the wallet. (Zelda)

Sunday 29th March 2020
- Anthony Added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)
- If a criminal kills another criminal, he will drop money on the floor. (not working in LV Gangster Area) (Zelda)
- Kill cops make that they drop money. (Zelda + TheS3b@)
- Re-Enable that you cannot use local chat when are dead in LV. (Zelda)
- Enable chat zones, if you want see all chats city press J > Main > Show in ChatBox. (Zelda)
- Added "Quejas" and "Apelaciones" sub board inside of spanish board > cifmta.net. (TheS3b@)
- Added that being Armed Forces raises the status payment bonus to 7000$. (Zelda)

Saturday 28th March 2020
- Added bullet resistance system, which prevents unwanted vehicles from being damaged and criminals who attack vehicles will receive a crime. (Zelda)
- House rob now has a chance of finding drugs. (Zelda)

Friday 27th March 2020
- Wilbert Added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)
- The government will pay $ 4000 to all the police that are in the city every 60 seconds, it will not pay if you are not in the main dimension or in Las Venturas. (Zelda)
- Drugplant: Law gangs now cannot plant drugs. (Zelda)
- Drugplant: Added that you cannot plant more than 20 drug seeds. (Zelda)
- CIFy: Added 13 zones at San Fierro Bay, use /zonesforsale to find these.  (xZeerote + Zelda)
- Added that you recived 1 hour vip for killing at criminal events MDM, DFR, DS, BR, PDR, LST. (Zelda + BranD)

Thursday 26th March 2020
- Incremented damage of M4 from 30 to 40, Ak from 30 45, Uzi and tec from 20 to 30 and MG from 5 to 7. (Zelda)
- Removed all donator ranks to everyone because no one even donated $ 1. (Zelda)
- Vince, Wauh, Gian, Alvin were removed from the staff team due long inactivity. (Zelda)
- DraCo added as Trial Staff because CIF needed 1 youtuber. (Zelda)
- The price of the drug plant was lowered, but its quantity was also lowered to 5. which indicates that
["LSD"] = 1500$ cost of plant / 5 drugs = 300$
["Weed"] = 2250$ cost of plant / 5 drugs  = 450$
["Speed"] = 3000$ cost of plant / 5 drugs  = 600$
["God"] = 2500$ cost of plant / 5 drugs = 500$
["Steroids"] = 1250$ cost of plant / 5 drugs  = 250$
["Heroin"] = 1400 cost of plant / 5 drugs  = 280$
["Mescaline"] = 1000$ cost of plant / 5 drugs = 200$.
In this way you can make a profit by selling it on F7. (Zelda)

Wednesday 25th March 2020
- Reseted all drugs of all players. (Fixing)
- Updated man vs bot, now the only interior available is from the MDM and you can team up when entering the event, this means that you can invite friends to help you. (Zelda)

Tuesday 24th March 2020
- Added original effect cit lsd. (Zelda)
- Re added suggestion board. (Community)
- Added function to recover vehicles on spawnpad and heli / planes on helipad. (Zelda)

Sunday 22nd March 2020
- Update cityzone map. (xZerote)
- Changed the criminal event system, that means when one ends you immediately switch to the next event. (Community)
- Added drug plant allowed to LS / SF, and drug dealers can be find in Los Santos and the command for plant is /plantdrugs. (Zelda)

Friday 20th March 2020
- Add positions of score to Salchy Race system. (Zelda + Herincho and Angelo as help testing)

Thursday 19th March 2020
- Removed the drug factory, and now it will be the official entrance of the DFR, to make drugs use /druglab (Vip only) or get these in criminal events. (2013 update)

Tuesday 17th March 2020
- Added a business topic in forum for buy Skin/Car Shaders. (TheS3b@)
- Jeremias promoted to L3. (BranD)
- Herincho promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Sunday 15th March 2020
- Angelo promoted to L2. (TheS3b@)

Saturday 14th March 2020
- The CIF server now has 1000 registered accounts.

Saturday 7th March 2020
- Added that now the turfs increase their percentage when you kill the enemy members. (Zelda + TheS3b@).

Friday 6th March 2020
- New race system, thanks to the CG community for this great contribution. (Salchy + BranD)
- Vince Added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)
- Jeremias promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Tuesday 3rd March 2020
- Disable turf spawn protection. (Zelda + BranD)
- Disable inside in interiors when you has been hurt in the last 10 seconds. (Zelda + BranD)
- Angelo Passed Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)
- Scarlxrd Added as Supporter. (TheS3b@)
- Hanns Added as Trial Staff. (BranD)

Sunday 1st March 2020
- Added Man Vs Bot near the All Saints LS hospital. (Zelda)

Saturday 29th February 2020
- Enable damage from criminal to criminal in LS - SF. (Zelda)
- Elias Added as Supporter. (TheS3b@)
- Disabled being able to /payfine when recently damaged so you can't troll report cops who attack you. (Zelda)
- Change command /fine to /payfine. (Zelda)
- 4ever and Herincho Passed Trial Staff. (Brand)

Wednesday 26th February 2020
- Applications for Criminal Boss and Police Chief are currently open. (TheS3b@)
- Angelo Added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)

Tuesday 25th February 2020
- Daniel Added as Supporter. (TheS3b@)

Monday 24th February 2020
- Added that now you do not lose the ammo of weapons when you buy another weapon of different slot, this means that you will have the previous ammunition without losing them. (Zelda)

Sunday 23rd February 2020
- Fixed small /kill bug. (Zelda + BranD)
- Disabled /kill with 10 seconds of recent damage. (Staff Team)
- AnthonyGM added as Supporter. (BranD)
- Stars Fighters base added. (BranD)
- Added auto translation system, this means that the server will be translated depending on the country where you are connected, for now we are beginning to translate little by little be patient. (Zelda)
- IronMan added as Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Saturday 22nd February 2020
- Temporary update: new med kits and drug speed from 1.15 to 2 were implemented. (Zelda + SwizZ)
- Angelo added as Event Manager. (TheS3b@)
- Herincho added as Trial Staff. (xZeerote)

Friday 21st February 2020
- Fixed a small bug that allowed the houses to be sold at more than 5 times their initial price (Zelda)

Thursday 20th February 2020
- Jeremias passed Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)

Wednesday 19th February 2020
- Angelo added as Supporter. (TheS3b@)
- Fixed the bug that does not allow the seller to see their own private sale on the F7. (Zelda)

Friday 15th February 2020
- Ximbas passed Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Friday 14th February 2020
- SpectruM added as Supporter. (xZeerote)
- Jeremias added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)

Sunday 9th February 2020
- FastShoot base added. (BranD)
- eXodus base added. (BranD)
- Now you lose the gangster job when leaving LV. (Zelda)
- Malone promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Saturday 8th February 2020
- Update new binds /settings (Remember enable "weapon binds" frist). (Zelda)
- 4ever added as Trial Staff. (Zelda)
- Fixed a small bug with associated accounts who added black list members from gang system. (Zelda + Ximbas)

Friday 7th February 2020
- Law officers now can respawn on LSPD when die. (Zelda)
- Updated APB system. (Ximbas + Zelda)

Thursday 6th February 2020
- XL (xlegendary) base added. (Community)
- Fixed a small briefcase bug. (Zelda + Herincho)

Wednesday 5th February 2020
- Ximbas added as Trial Staff. (TheS3b@)

Tuesday 4th February 2020
- Event Managers can now use speakers. (Zelda)

Monday 3rd February 2020
- xZerote promoted to L4. (Zelda)

Sunday 2nd February 2020
- Changed the iron cost for armor to 1000. (Staff Team)
- Job PizzaBoy added to the event coins (1.5). (Zelda + BranD)
- TheS3b@ promoted to L5. (Zelda)
- Malone passed Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Saturday 1st February 2020
- Added vehicle shader system, command /vehskin p or g + ID, to request your vehicle shader go to cifmta.net. (Zelda)
- Created a 3D web browser at the outdoor Cinema near Fort Carson. It plays YouTube videos. Currently only L2+ Staff or EM players can set the current video being played. (Zelda)
- Added command /discord for see discord invitacion. (Malone)
- Added /tagcolor reset for reset you tag color original. (Zelda)

Thursday 30th January 2020
- Increase of the pay to 10k when robbing a store in Los Santos. (BranD + AhToXa)

Tuesday 29th January 2020
- Changed the minimum exchange to 10.000 coins because I can't go to the bank every day to deposit 1 dollar. (Zelda)

Wednesday 28th January 2020
- Malone added as Trial Staff. (Zelda)

Monday 27th January 2020
- Yeremi promoted to L3. (BranD)
- Mofc promoted to L3. (BranD)
- Added coin system which gives them the possibility of exchange coins for real money, the jobs are Waste Collector, Taxi and Limo for now, to see your coins use /coins and for more information visit: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=coins.

Sunday 26th January 2020
- Added 100 new animations. (Zelda)
- Added police target system for criminals. (Zelda + BranD + Th3Seb@)

Sunday 19th January 2020
- Fixed bug private player F7. (Zelda)
- Vehicles are now recovered to the recovery point even if you have wl. (Zelda)
- You can't use /surrender with cops near you if not are arrested. (Zelda + Yeremi)
- Added the old feature gangster when you die in your turfs. (Zelda + Th3Seb@)
- Now the police do not receive WL by damaging a car if a criminal with wanted level is inside. (Zelda + Communty)

Friday 17th January 2020
- Added "My Crimes" and "Charges" to x panel when you are criminal. (Zelda)
- Law Officers can only enter once in the time of Bank Robbery re-inforcement time. (Zelda)
- Wauh promoted to L2. (Zelda)
- Fixed the lossing weapons. (Zelda + TheS3b@)

Wednesday 15th January 2020
- Added that can buy armor from X click > "Buy Armor" with your iron. (Zelda)
- Fixed ATM Rob that did not give the correct reputation points. (Zelda + Black)
- Fixed a little bug with job vehicles. (Zelda + Black)
- Fixed the med kit that cured 25HP instead of 35HP. (Zelda)
- Fixed bug with Jetpack in LV. (Zelda + Black)
- Fixed a exploitable bug with House Pocketing. (Zelda + Black)
- Fixed a exploitable bug with Vehicle Inventory. (Zelda + Black)
- Fixed a exploitable bug with F7 Trading. (Zelda + Black)
- Yeremi promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Sunday 13nd January 2020
- Added two boards: "Introduce Yourself" and "Community Groups" to cifmta.net. (Zelda)
- Paramedic health marker command has been changed to /deploy. (Zelda)
- PUBG: added a lot vehicles to event city. (Zelda)
- Changed Bank Robbery Marker to safebox floor. (Zelda)
- Improved and fixed all bugs of criminal events and also added wait 60 seconds to re-enter the event after recently ending (only applies to MDM, DFR, PDR and LSB). also after finishing the completion time the players will have 60 seconds to leave the interior or they will all be killed. (Zelda)
- Modified the police law payment, the new format is: Earning = Wanted Points * 400, and with kill arrest is Wanted Points * 400 / 2, for example a Criminal who participates in a criminal event will have 60 wanted points * 400. That means that the payment for arresting him it would be $ 24,000 and if you kill him $ 12,000. (Zelda + BranD)

Saturday 12nd January 2020
- Added checking to the basic eventwarp. (people with prisoners cannot warp in the same way to people with wanted level). (Zelda)

Friday 11st January 2020
- Added custom skin shader sytem (personal). (Zelda)
- PUBG event added in beta. (Zelda + BranD)

Thursday 9th January 2020
- xZerote promoted to L3. (Zelda)
- Paramedics now earning $10000 for virus cures. (Zelda)
- Fixed bug that Store Robbery and Drug Trafficking did not give experience in task F5. (Zelda + xZerote)
- Fixed paramedic bug that criminals could use /heal. (Zelda)
- PUBG: Added a draw map for showing the circle pressing M. (Zelda)
- PUBG event finished and fixed the radar that did not show the circle draw, the event can be hosted by an admin using /pubgevent and to enter /joinpubg. (Zelda)

Wednesday 8h January 2020
- TheS3b@ promoted to L4. (Zelda)

Friday 3rd January 2020
- Admin logs forum is enable again. (Zelda)
- Added icon "cookie" for the forum cifmta.net. (Zelda)

Thursday 1st January 2020
- Fixed a Group bank bug. (Zelda + Wx$tB)
- CIFy: added "Office" section. (Zelda)
- CIFy: added "Lighting" section. (Zelda)
- CIFy: added "Cylinder" section. (Zelda)
- CIFy: added "Kitchen" section. (Zelda)
- Fixed a small bug in F7 that didn't show your iron in the inventory. (Zelda + Suix)
- Fixed that the cops could arrest other players with ping limit 400. (Zelda + Ximbas)
- CIFy: Fixed zone boundary lines sometimes been under the ground. (Zelda)

Sunday 29 th December 2019
-  Fixed the detail radar that the images are not downloaded when the option is activated from /settings. (Zelda + Sattar083)
- Added that when the criminals win the criminal events having killed all the police the counter will be set to 4/5 automatically, and when the cops arrest players outside the event they will no longer be able to receive the escape bonus. (Zelda + TheS3b@)

Saturday 28 th December 2019
- Fixed bug of fuel infinity. (Zelda + LoLcO)
- Fixed the cruise bug (auto pilot) that maintained the acceleration control when changing vehicles. (Zelda + LoLcO)
- When you use the hooker services you receive 5000 seconds of Drug God for free. (Zelda)
- CIFy Added 123 textures and replace the olds. (Zelda)
- CIFy Added /editdoors and /editgates, also you can now respawn at you cityzone teleport when you die. (Zelda)
- Added zombie stats to website. cifmta.net -> CIF Stats Menu -> Zombie Stats. (Zelda)

Thursday 26 th December 2019
- Modified the drug taking system so that you have to toggle drug taking and a new hit is automatically taken when the timer reaches 0 so you won't lose drugs when disconnected or from over use. (Zelda)

Tuesday 24 th December 2019
- Sea Side City added, a new city off the west coast of San Fierro. Includes +800 new mapped houses and services such as Pay 'n Sprays and fuel stations, although more still need to be added. (Gus + ZanSlovenia + ProTo + RabbidRabbit)
- Added custom wheels from modshop (Zelda + xZeerote)
- Added /vehmods and /gunmods (Zelda)
- Harwood added and promoted to L4 (Zelda)

Saturday 14 th February 2018
- Added achievements panel with some unlockable achievements  (Zelda)

Saturday 13 th February 2018
- Added love ship with blip of heart that travels by SA. (Zelda + BranD)

Tuesday 11 th February 2018
- Added CJ's custom clothes system, can be seen in the CJs clothes shop, custom clothes do not alter the default id. (Zelda)

Saturday 9 th September 2017
- ATM Robbery Added. Criminals can now rob any ATM machine in LS. You can rob an ATM machine up to 5 times and make between $1k and $1.5k for the first rob, and between $15k and $25k if you make it to the 5th rob. (Zelda)

Wednesday 6 th September 2017
- Added street races in the city of saints, you can also see the time until of the races on the phone in the event app. (Zelda)

Sunday 3 rd September 2017
- Added planting of explosive bombs to vehicles, to activate use / plantbomb + seconds, you can only use this in Las Venturas. (Zelda)

Saturday 2 nd September 2017
- Added the job of Explorer, is to take a photo in the area that is assigned, to start should take a vehicle (Mesa) and automatically will see a blip marked on entering, the more level you have more gain for the photos, the job can get in (Bone Country The Big Ear). (Zelda)

Friday 1 st September 2017
- Added a system of sack players for category police chief players, which prevents security officers from working in police due to a breach of police rules. (Zelda)
- Added the pilot job in San Fierro airport, to begin you must take a plane and see the destination location, the payment is varied according to your level and distance of travel. (Zelda)
- Bokilla has been promoted to L2. (Zelda)

Thursday 31 st August 2017
- Added trucker employment in San Fierro Easter Basin and also illegal truck driver's mission by pressing N inside the vehicle being criminal, but first you must buy a truck if you want to do the criminal mission. (Zelda)

Wednesday 30 th August 2017
- Fixed that when reconnecting you lost the style of walking that you had bought. (Zelda + Bokilla)

Tuesday 29 th August 2017
- Added a new transportation system which allows you to pay a fee to instantly travel to other train, plane or bus stops. (Zelda + Bokilla)
- Added a country chat by pressing the L button. (Zelda + Bokilla)

Friday 25 th August 2017
- Added that you can sleep inside the houses. (Zelda)

Wednesday 23 rd August 2017
- Added the Medic Mission pressing "N" in vehicle ambulance. (Zelda)
- Added Vehicle Inventory in x click on the vehicle. (Zelda)

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